Juhudi Kilimo: Join Our Team

The idea behind Juhudi Kilimo began to come to life in 2004 when it was only a small initiative of a larger development agency. By 2009 we had evolved into a promising independent for-profit company.

Almost five years later we have provided asset based loans to thousands of farmers across Kenya. These strategic loans have created a paradigm shift in the way they do business.

Each year we listen intently and gather more information. Our relationships deepen as we grow together as a collective force for positive change, constantly adapting to the ever evolving needs of the Kenyan farming community.

All of this is made possible because of passionate, caring, determined individuals working towards a common goal. Each teammate plays a vital role in the success of our programs. As our farming family grows, so does our need to expand our team.

If you’re passionate about uniting with us to provide transformational asset based loans across East Africa, we’d love to talk to you about joining the Juhudi Kilimo team!

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