Programme Coordinator, Regional & Int’l Dialogue (Heinrich Böll Stiftung)

Heinrich Böll Stiftung is looking for a full-time Programme Coordinator who can develop, coordinate and manage all projects under the Regional and International Dialogue Component of the regional office. The ideal individual is a highly motivated self-starter, who is as comfortable in a boardroom as in a rural area, with a passion for social justice and democratic governance in the region. This will help us and our partners to achieve our vision for East and Horn of Africa…

The Regional and International Dialogue Programme Component contributes to peace, political stability and democratic governance and respect for diversity through inclusive participation of a wide variety of non-state actor groups in the region. This includes:

  • Dialogue between civil society actors, academics and decision makers from East and Horn of Africa, Europe and emerging powers;
  • Thought leaders challenging the roll-back of democratic governance reforms and norms and values that perpetuate patriarchal mind sets throughout East Africa and the Horn of Africa;
  • Inclusion of civic voices and local and gendered perspectives in discourses towards peace, political stabilisation and nation building in the Horn of Africa region.

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