Digital literacy training & job support, Samasource ENROLL IN TRAINING Samasource Training is a 10-day course offered in Nairobi, Kenya. For more information on the curriculum, click here.  FOR MORE GENERAL INFO include a much nicer version of the below info, click here: CONNECTING YOUTH TO EMPLOYMENT Samasource Digital Basics addresses these challenges by equipping unemployed youth with market-aligned skills and aContinue reading “Digital literacy training & job support, Samasource”

Job listings & resources

Getting a job is never just a matter of submitting many job applications. But job listings are still a key part of finding open positions that meet your skills and interest. It can also help you identify potential employers who are hiring right now; even if the position that is listed isn’t a good fitContinue reading “Job listings & resources”

Great advice: applying to jobs on KamaKazi

Great advice from, whose website has hundreds of jobs to apply to… We wanted to give you some pointers as to our application process to help you out: Always read the Job Description (JD) carefully and make sure you understand what skills and experience you have for this job. When we call you forContinue reading “Great advice: applying to jobs on KamaKazi”

Social enterprise job board

Loads of really interesting innovative Nairobi- and Kenya-based jobs here! While clearly this job board is global, and the postings often seem geared towards foreigners, it would be great to see strong eligible Kenyan candidates apply and get these jobs. To follow the job board, sign up for the Google group with any email address:!forum/social-enterprise-jobs Here’sContinue reading “Social enterprise job board”

Crucial tip: Customise your CV (KamaKazi)

So you found a job you want to apply to. Here’s advice from Kama Kazi: Time to read the ‘Customizing your CV to the Job Description’ blog that we have posted. We really recommend that you read this carefully and follow the instructions. Customizing your resume to the Job Description Here at Kama Kazi weContinue reading “Crucial tip: Customise your CV (KamaKazi)”

No degree? No worries…

Great general tips, especially if your work experience is informal or particularly unusual… career advice from, a HUGE job site in the US. A little bit is American in format, you can get the idea. Emphasize Your Strongest Credentials Think about why an employer should hire you out of all the applicants for theContinue reading “No degree? No worries…”

More tips, especially for jobs with ‘international’ orgs (Devex)

Just passing along some helpful info. Having worked with many, many recruiters, I would also attest to the accuracy of these tips. The below article is designed for people working with international organisations, but the advice is generally sound. Devex provides career resources for international development professionals. They publish lots of info all the time,Continue reading “More tips, especially for jobs with ‘international’ orgs (Devex)”

Good advice from JobsMentor

Excellent advice from Kenyan Jobsekeer: 10 Mistakes to Avoid Dear Kenyan jobseeker, You’ve tried almost everything to secure a job, including working several unpaid internships. You are now frustrated. If only someone would be kind enough to give you some pointers on why your methods are not working. Lucky for you, JobsMentor is onContinue reading “Good advice from JobsMentor”