Evolution of Democracy in Africa Students-Led Conference (HIPSIR)

Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR) Hekima University College is organizing and hosting a one day Students-Led Conference on October 19, 2017, on the theme: Evolution of Democracy in Africa: to explore in-depth from a scholarly angle the issue raised above under the following sub-themes:

§ The election process
§ Separation of power
§ Social, economic and human rights aspects
§ External influences and dynamics
§ Is democracy resolving or refueling conflicts?
§ Is democracy a utopia and are there alternatives?


Webinar: Mobilizing Youth for Better Governance (6 Sept 5pm)

“NextGen Accountability: Mobilizing a Youth Movement for Better Governance”

With Blair Glencorse, Nada Zohdy and Narayan Adhikari

The potential of young people to collectively improve governance outcomes around the world is huge. However, development-as-usual approaches are failing to engage this generation in meaningful processes of change. The Accountability Lab’s new strategy lays out a different path forward. It includes field-building efforts that mobilize popular culture to shift values, a focus on accountability agents rather than actions, and an emphasis on creating positive youth coalitions for reform.

Join us to hear from Blair Glencorse, Executive Director of the Accountability Lab, as he explains how the Lab is implementing this new strategy, the challenges an approach of this type involves and how youth-driven accountability efforts may evolve over time. He will be joined by Nada Zohdy and Narayan Adhikari who will provide country level perspective and feedback.

In order to participate in this Webinar, you will need to be registered in the GPSA Knowledge Platform and logged in. If you have not created your account yet, do it here a few days before the webinar. If you are already registered to the Knowledge Platform, you do not need to do anything.

Just log in the platform and go here on September 6, at least 20 minutes before 5:00pm Nairobi time (10:00 am EDT). A link to the webinar will be provided there. http://gpsaknowledge.org

Event: Join the CEO of Phil U in Tanzania and Kenya

Connor Diemand-Yauman, the CEO of Philanthropy University, will be in Tanzania and Kenya over the next few weeks and will be hosting local Phil U learners for informal late-afternoon get togethers. If you are in or near Dar es Salaam on Thursday, 31 August or Nairobi on Tuesday, 5 September, please make sure to let us know by completing the form below so that you can join Connor and other Phil U learners to network, have your questions answered, and enjoy a good time.
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Connor Diemand-Yauman, CEO of Philanthropy University, will be in Nairobi on the 5th of September, and is eager to meet Kenyan Phil U learners for a get-together. Come join Connor and a group of Phil U learners to network over cocktails and beverages, have your curious questions answered, and enjoy a good time!

Philanthropy University is a free, first-of-its-kind educational initiative for change makers in the social sector.


Docubox screening: WHOSE STREETS?

DOCUBOX Presents: WHOSE STREETS? film screening


Docubox would like to invite you to our monthly screening on the 30th of August at PAWA254 Mageuzi Theatre, at 6:30pm. We will be screening ‘Whose Streets?’ directed by Sabaah Folayan and Co-directed by Damon Davis.

Whose Streets is a documentary film that follows activists who have taken to the streets to draw attention to the issue of police violence. This is as a result of an unarmed 18-year-old teenager called Michael Brown, who was killed by the police and left lying in the streets for hours. Brown’s killing sparked a fierce backlash and exposed fault lines in the relationship between African-American communities and the criminal justice system. Giving rise to the hashtag Black Lives Matter.

The film is relevant as our police have been seen to be heavy handed on how they have handled protestors across the country. Is there some justification for their actions? How do we address the police brutality and how do we start talking about the overdue police reforms?

Event: Kenya Art Fair, via Kuona Trust

Kenya Art Fair 2017 | 17th – 19th November 2017 | Sarit Centre Expo Hall 

With less than 3 months to go, preparations for this year’s Kenya Art Fair are underway. The submission call already out to artists has seen a trickling in of phenomenal artwork set to grace the stage this year.

The Kenya Art Fair is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated Visual art events in East Africa. Now in its fourth year, the fair continues to build on its previous success to present a dynamic selection of galleries, artist collectives, established artists and art organizations from within the region. Alongside the curated stands will be, the Art Talks.  

To find out how you can take part, please get in touch with us via email kenyaartfair@gmail.com or call 0721262326 or 0733742752

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Event: Social Changemakers MatchMentor

At our upcoming Social Changemakers edition of MatchMentor taking place on Saturday 29th July 2017, we will be having a ‘Volunteer Village’. This ‘Village’ brings together various initiatives working towards social change to have a stall, showcase their work and give participants an opportunity to sign up to their cause.

This edition of MatchMentor brings together 20 mentors and 70 mentees involved and/or interested in: Environmental Conservation, Social Work, Gender Development, Human Rights Advocacy, Political Activism, International Sustainable Development, Civic Education, Renewable Energy, Working with Street Children and the Homeless, Community Development, Advocacy, Student Activism, Public Health and Women Empowerment.

The event will run sessions on: ‘The Future of Social Engagement’, ‘How to Mobilise People for Social Change’, ‘Financing Social Change’ and our highly rated ‘Speedmentoring’…

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