Agents/translators & pilot manager (Uliza)

Uliza is seeking job applications to fill several positions in the next two weeks. They are piloting a voice-based internet search service in Kiswahili, that does not require an internet connection or downloading an app. Please see the job descriptions in the links (each position title is linked):

Uliza Agent

We are seeking several Uliza Agents to listen to Kiswahili voice-clips, transcribe and translate them into English, and search the internet for answers. Uliza Agents will receive training, and can work remotely. Compensation will be based on the number of voice-clips that are processed correctly. Agents will report directly to Uliza’s Pilot Manager.

Pilot Manager

We are seeking a Pilot Manager to oversee the testing of our voice-based internet-search prototype in Kenya. Our ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about expanding internet-search services to the global poor; a university graduate who is tech-minded; an excellent organizer of people; and someone who is diligent in following detailed instructions. The primary responsibilities of the position include: data management, supervising a team of call-agents, conducting quality control measures, and reporting directly to Uliza’s CEO. The Pilot Manager will receive brief training before the pilot launches. Compensation will be commensurate to experience.