Event: Science-Policy Café on Rights, Governance, & Youth Empowerment in Kenya

Join African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) this Saturday (20 Jan 2017) at @Pawa254 for a science-policy café on Rights, Governance and Youth Empowerment in Kenya. For more information on the event & tickets, click this link: bit.ly/2DErhl0


The United Nations Population Division estimates that children and young people below the age of 35 constitute an estimated 77% of Kenya’s total population that isfast inching towards 50 million. This means that the country’s policy decisions should be geared towards meeting the needs of this large youthful population, including investments in critical areas of human capital development such as education and skills development as well as health.

Join us for this science-policy café and be part of the conversation on how the youth in Kenya can be active participants and drivers of change in governance to achieve Kenya’s development goals.


The science-policy café is a model that allows deliberation of development issues in the context of the evidence available and the policy framework. This café shall deliberate key issues on the potential of Kenya’s youth through participation in governance. The format is having a panel that leads the discussion with participation from the audience for each issue.

Specifically, we shall deliberate:

1. To what extent has the 2017 general election campaigns critically considered issues affecting youth?
2. Was evidence (research evidence and routine data) used to inform the development of party manifestos and pronouncements made at public political campaign rallies?
3. What evidence is available on the state of Kenya’s youth population?
4. How can this large youthful population drive the country towards achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and Africa Agenda 2063?
5. What is the existing policy framework on youth participation in governance and development (A look at Vision 2030; SDGs, Africa Agenda 2063 and the Africa Union Roadmap on the Demographic Dividend?
6. What are the challenges curtailing youth participation in governance; in instances where they are participating, is there meaningful change? What are the solutions to the prevailing challenges?