Webinar Tuesday 26 January: The Urgent Need for Community-Led “Accountability in Africa”

Webinar Tuesday 26 January: The Urgent Need for Community-Led “Accountability in Africa”

On Human Rights Day last month, Accountability Counsel and African Coalition for Corporation Accountability (ACCA) published a major report “Accountability in Africa: Harm from International Financial Flows and Strategies for Supporting Community-Led Access to Remedy.” This report, available in both English and French, is part of a collaborative effort to ensure that communities throughout Africa have meaningful avenues to demand justice and remedy for environmental and social harm caused by internationally financed projects. 

Now, we invite you to join us for the next stage of this report’s important findings: on January 26 at 3PM SAST | 4PM EAT | 1PM GMT | 8AM EST, Accountability Counsel and ACCA are co-hosting the first in a series of events to explore the report’s recommendations and its implications for communities, their advocates, and international investors in Africa. The webinar will be held in English and French. Please complete your registration here to receive the webinar link. Finally, please use the attached flyer to spread the word about this event — all are welcome!

Further events will follow, including ones designed for at-risk communities, and another webinar in early March at a more US-friendly hour. Please let us know if you have any specific recommendations or requests for events or written materials that would be helpful for you in your work. (info at accountabilitycounsel.org)

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