Remote job: part-time communications, The Engine Room

Global team looking for part-time communications support

  • Role: Part-time Remote Communications Assistant
  • Start date: Immediately
  • Deadline: 28 Jan
  • Size of contract: 2 – 3 days per week

About Us

The Engine Room is a nonprofit organisation with staff around the world who support civil society in their strategic use of data and technology.

We are looking for a self-motivated contractor to provide part-time support (approx 16-24 hrs/week) to our communications team.

The Engine Room is a global team and we actively seek diverse perspectives, experiences and voices in all areas of our team and in our work. Our organisation prioritizes empathy, respect, humility, flexibility, fun and a healthy work-life balance. We highly encourage individuals from all areas of the world, backgrounds, experiences and identities to apply. We are entirely remote which means we don’t have a physical office anywhere and all our staff and contractors work remotely, including this consultancy.

About You

You thrive in working on diverse projects (in our case they’re focused on transparency and accountability, to human rights, to environmental justice). You are flexible, curious, and interested in tech, data or social justice. You have strong writing skills, and at least some communications experience. This could take the form of supporting an organisation with their social media outreach, research or academic work, working with student (or other similar) newspapers, ghostwriting or blog publishing, developing visual collateral for companies, and more.

Specifically, you:

  • Understand complex concepts and are able to make them simple/accessible
  • Are detail-oriented and able to prioritise which details need the most attention
  • Are capable of self-motivating, creating first drafts with information at-hand and iterating multiple times to hit the right tone
  • Are a quick, eager learner who isn’t afraid to tackle something new
  • Are excited to bring creative problem solving skills and experiment with different approaches
  • Have a keen eye for what voice/tone a piece of writing (from tweets to emails to reports) should have, with good interpersonal communication skills
  • Are able to work at least half of your weekly hours overlapping with 11am-3pm EST
  • Have experience in human rights, technology, international development or related fields (this isn’t a must)

About the Role

The Communications Assistant takes direction from The Engine Room’s Communications Manager to execute tasks that support our communications efforts, ensuring they are are effective, responsible and timely. Overall, this means supporting our ongoing communications (e.g. Twitter, newsletters and website) and providing ad hoc project support (e.g. in the form of editing and designing). 


  • Guided by existing processes, identify content that is useful to our Twitter followers and draft tweets that keep our presence up-to-date and relevant
  • Post completed blog posts on our website (over time, this could expand to include editing responsibilities as well)
  • Draft external and internal newsletters on a monthly basis
  • Execute outreach activities around launches of research, projects and recruitment announcements
  • Implement basic updates on our website (e.g. changes that would require proficiency in WordPress or basic HTML/CSS)
  • Produce presentation and workshop materials from reports or other long/complex content
  • Review and collect visitor analytics on our website(s) and present weekly reports to Communications Manager

Skills this role requires:

  • Excellent English language writing skills (by this we mean you can make complex concepts accessible, keep your reader engaged and interested, modulate the voice you’re using as needed and have opinions about commas)
  • Experience developing social media content (especially on Twitter)
  • At least basic understanding of WordPress, HTML, CSS (you should be comfortable posting and editing blog posts and basic website content)
  • Copy editing skills
  • Knowledge of Mailchimp or similar platform
  • Communication design skills (you should be able to create nice-looking layouts for reports, graphics for Twitter and/or effective and eye-pleasing presentations)

Other skills that would be nice but aren’t required:

  • Additional design skills (graphic design, illustration, web design, etc)
  • Proficiency using Adobe suite products, or similar
  • Experience effectively and responsibly using website analytics to track impact
  • Additional language proficiencies (especially Spanish)


  • Part-time Communications Assistant
  • Independent contractor contract, 1 year with possibility of renewal
  • Approximately 40-60% (16-24 hours per week)
  • Compensation approximately 175 – 200 USD per day depending on skills and experience
  • Immediate start date
  • Fast, reliable internet is essential


Please include a one-page cover letter that covers:

  1. What is most appealing to you about this role, please be specific
  2. What motivates you
  3. What work experience of yours is most relevant to this role.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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