Jobs: Tech Manager, Research Lead & Manager, The Engine Room

The Engine Room is looking for 3 exciting positions to join our core team: a Senior Tech Manager, a Senior Research Lead, and a Research Manager.

All of the positions will be part of our core team. Our team is distributed, meaning the Internet is our office. We need you to have a solid internet connection and, as we may ask you to travel, to be near enough to an airport that you can comfortably hop on a plane.

We put a lot of effort into creating a healthy, remote organisation, and we believe that caring about our team’s wellbeing is a political act. Our team members are curious, humble and supportive of each other. We are critical optimists about the role technology and data can have in the push for social justice.

The Engine Room is a global team and we consider diversity to be a competency. We actively seek diverse perspectives, experiences and voices in all areas of our team and in our work. Our organisation prioritises empathy, respect, humility, flexibility, fun and a healthy work-life balance.

We highly encourage individuals from all areas of the world, backgrounds, experiences and identities to apply. We are entirely remote which means we don’t have a physical office anywhere, and all our staff and contractors work remotely.


We have two open roles to start immediately, which you can read about in more detail on our jobs page.

The deadline to apply for these two positions is December 2nd, and we would like these positions to start on January 1, 2019 or as close to that date as possible.

  • The Senior Tech Manager will manage our Transmission team, overseeing our internal and external-facing technical work; ensuring our approach to technology is synced up across the organisation; fundraising, and working with the senior management team to grow our work.
  • The Research Manager will work closely with the Director of Research and Engagement, managing fee-for-service projects, and producing stellar research outputs. They’ll design, implement and manage research projects, often working with consultants, and supporting organisations and sectors to answer hard questions about tech and data.

We are also looking for a Senior Research Lead. The deadline for applying for this is December 7th, and we hope for the position to start in February 2019.

  • The Senior Research Lead will lead on the vision for our research strategy, supported by the senior management team; provide guidance and input on research methods used across the organisation, and ensure cohesion and quality of the research carried out at The Engine Room. They’ll manage larger projects, and give input into fundraising.

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