Call for Submissions: African Urban Futures, British Institute in East Africa

Call for Submission from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Theme: African Urban Futures

Graduate Conference 22-23 March 2019

The African continent is currently experiencing the world’s most rapid urban growth. As compared to other continents, Africa is the least urbanized today with about 40% of its population currently living in urban areas as compared to 81% in North America, 80% in Latin America and the Caribbean, 73% in Europe, and 47% in Asia (Statistica, 2015). With the estimated growth in urban areas both as a result of rural to urban migration as well as due to natural population growth, several challenges as well as milestones are expected that are supposed to impact on the lives of the city inhabitants in different ways. With this expected growth, urban centres will increasingly shape the lives of people on the continent. This provides a rich area for research exploring different aspects in African urban futures such as problems and challenges of the future city, emergent and dominant livelihoods, opportunities for growth and development, futuristic literary imaginings and their significance today, among other social, economic and political issues of the African city in the move towards building and maintaining sustainable and resilient cities. This conference invites early career scholars working from different fields within the wider Social Sciences and Humanities sector to engage with the theme African Urban Futures.


  • Innovations and technological development and the city
  • Social, economic and political inclusion and urbanization
  • Gendered dynamics and the city
  • Climate change and urbanization
  • Urban physical and social infrastructures
  • Literary imaginations and the city

The BIEA welcomes submissions for a 20 minute presentation of research or artwork. If you would like to make a presentation please send an abstract of between 200-300 words on the theme of the presentation. The above list of subthemes is indicative, not exclusive, and we are keen to receive abstracts for linked or associated topics. Please include your name, affiliation and title of presentation to  Notification of acceptance will be given by 31st January 2019.

Submission Deadline10 January 2019

VenueBIEA, Laikipia Road, Nairobi

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