Young Feminists Convening 28th – 29th November

Breathing new life into the future of Kenya’s women’s rights movement.
Young Feminists Convening 28th – 29th November 2018, Limuru Kenya.
In 2017, Womankind worldwide convened a roundtable meeting of member organisations of FEMNET (The African Women’s Development and Communication Network) in Nairobi to discuss their priorities for women’s rights at local and national levels. This provided a unique opportunity to hear from, and respond to, issues being expressed. These were wide ranging, from the need for a sensitive approach to bringing women together to the need for finding and agreeing entry points for transformative change within the movement itself. Through the roundtable and follow up conversations, it became clear that the Kenyan women’s movement is fragmented, with various groups expressing feelings of exclusion and/or discontent that their issues are omitted from key debates. There are no meaningful spaces or convening moments for women’s rights organisations and activists to come together or to act in true solidarity. Young feminists want to bring debate to the broader women’s movement but they are limited by lack of inclusivity, diversity, a voice and resources.

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