Full scholarships to MIT development economics programme

For African learners

Apply here.

We have an exciting new scholarship opportunity for learners who were born in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Hewlett Foundation has recently offered to provide scholarships to learners from the region who demonstrate a strong interest in the program. All learners, old and new, are invited to apply for the chance to receive a scholarship from the Hewlett Foundation that will cover the costs of (up to) two courses for the summer semester.

African learners selected for this scholarship will gain all the benefits of being a paid learner, including accessing private webinars with MIT faculty, direct access to the MIT online tutors, and the community forums, which offer job opportunities and advice from your fellow learners. If you are interested, please complete an application form soon. We will select learners on a rolling basis until the payment deadline of July 13, but recommend that you enroll quickly, as the summer semester launches on June 5.

It is particularly wonderful to have the opportunity to take these often challenging courses with a friend, so these scholarships offer a great opportunity to alert your peers and colleagues from Sub-Saharan Africa about the opportunity to get involved with this program. This is also a useful opportunity to gain financial support for completing all five courses in time to apply to the Blended Masters program, and earn a Master’s degree from MIT that is fully sponsored by the Hewlett Foundation. The applications for the first cohort of the Blended Masters program will open to all students who have completed the entire credential by this December (at the end of the upcoming fall semester), and thus we urge you to seize this scholarship opportunity to enroll in MicroMasters courses this summer, so as to be able to complete courses in time to apply for the Blended program.

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