Learning Exchange on Citizenship and Legal Identity, Namati (in October in Kenya, deadline 2 June)

2018 Learning Exchange on Citizenship and Legal Identity


In late 2018, the Global Legal Empowerment Network is organizing its first learning exchange focused on citizenship and legal identity. This learning exchange will be hosted by Namati and three dynamic organizations – Nubian Rights Forum, Haki na Sheria, and Haki Centre – who work with community paralegals to support communities to overcome discrimination in accessing legal identity documents and full citizenship rights. The exchange is open to applicants from around the world.

Participants of this learning exchange will be split into three teams and spend time in the field with Namati’s three implementing partners who will assign them to paralegals. They will accompany paralegals as they visit communities and handle cases relating to birth certificates, ID cards, passports, and death certificates; meet with civil society leaders working on citizenship rights; discuss tactics for high-level advocacy, including using grassroots data to call for change in policy and practice; and collectively workshop common challenges and develop concrete work plans for taking forward lessons learned.

Timeline: The exchange will last a duration of twelve days, with the tentative dates of October 7 – 19, 2018

Deadline to apply: June 3, 2018


Narrative with more info

The greatest tool we have to tackle the world’s most pressing justice issues is each other. Sharing stories of success and challenge can help shape and strengthen our work, and in the process, the whole movement grows.

That’s why we’re excited to offer this important opportunity. From October 7 – 19 in Kenya, the Global Legal Empowerment Network will host its first learning exchange focused on citizenship and legal identityThe deadline to apply is June 3.

Citizenship is a foundational human right, yet millions of people around the world are unjustly denied identity documents to prove their nationality. These denials, often based on poor implementation of the law or outright discrimination against minority groups, make it impossible for individuals and families to enroll in school, apply for a job, or exercise their rights. They are excluded from society and denied opportunities as a result.

Legal empowerment strategies are challenging these injustices. Paralegals support affected communities to learn how to apply for identity documents, navigate through tangled bureaucracies, and challenge discriminatory systems. They help communities understand, use, and shape the law.

This learning exchange is tailored for legal empowerment practitioners who focus on citizenship and legal identity, and will be hosted by Namati and three dynamic Kenyan organizations: Nubian Rights Forum, Haki na Sheria, and Haki Centre.

It’s been three years since we hosted our first learning exchange in South Africa. Nondo Nobel Bwami, who works at Asylum Access in Tanzania, attended that exchange and wrote this: “the learning exchange program is such a powerful program that one [should] never miss…I was able to identify a unique perspective of legal empowerment approaches to bring back to my office and add value to my work.”

That is exactly the kind of impact we were hoping for, and in the seven learning exchanges we’ve coordinated to date, we’ve seen over 100 participants bring valuable lessons back home with them.

As the global movement for legal empowerment continues to grow, these exchanges are a powerful magnet for creativity, solidarity, and problem-solving. We hope you’ll apply to join us in October. We’re looking forward to learning with you.


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