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Arterial Network is a civil society network of artists, organisations and activists engaged in building sustainable networks, information dissemination, training, policy formulation, advocacy, research and African-centred theory, all geared towards growing and strengthening the cultural and creative sectors in Africa…

Feb Bulletin Mensuel

Arterial Network is a civil society network of artists, organisations and activists engaged in building sustainable networks, information dissemination, training, policy formulation, advocacy, research and African-centred theory, all geared towards growing and strengthening the cultural and creative sectors in Africa.

New Year, New beginnings !

Elected during the November 2017 Biennial Conference, Daves Guzha a key Zimbabwean figure in Theatre and Art Production is Arterial Network’s new Chairperson.

For the year 2018, AN’s new Chairman’s first wish is for the sector to become more vocal and to claim its rightful place in the continental mainstream economy.

In achieving this mission, Daves will be seconded by Ghita Khaldi a Influential personnality in the field of Culture. A Cultural Manager by training, Ghita Khaldi is the Founder and current Chairperson of the Moroccan association Afrikayna.

Arterial Network’s new Steering Committee is comprised of: Daves Guzha (Zimbabwe), Ghita Khaldi (Morocco), Jean-Luc Gbati Sonhaye (Togo), Ateba Fernand (Cameroon), Hawa Ba (Mauritania), Ousmane Faye (Senegal), Martin Kennedy (Seychelles), Muzi Ntshangase (Swaziland), and Manasse Nguinambaye (Chad). The Ugandan representative is soon to join the Committee.

Interview : Daves Guzha  Arterial Network Chairman

We sat down with Arterial Network’s new Chairman Daves Guzha, to discuss his commitment to the African creative and cultural industries and his vision for the network during his tenure.

First meeting of new Steering Committee in Segou, Mali

The first meeting of the 2017/2019 Steering Committee was held from 30 January to 1 February 2018 according to Arterial Network constitution.  All Steering Committee members attended the three-days meeting in Segou, Mali, on the sidelines of the “Festival sur le Niger” (held from 1 to 4 February 2018).

Festival sur le Niger 2018

Initiated by Mamou Daffe, African Culture Fund President and Arterial Network Former President, the 14th Festival sur le Niger was an opportunity for Africa’s Creative and Cultural sector to gather and celebrate. Indeed, from 1 to 4 February 2018, the city of Segou danced to the tune of this highly colourful festival.

Themed “Segou, City of Architecture”, Festival Sur le Niger 2018 marked the return of festivities on the shoreline of the Niger River at the “Quai des Arts” in spite of the security concern. As declared by Mali’s Minister of Culture, Mrs. N’diaye Ramatoulaye Diallo; in her address during the Festival’s opening ceremony, “Cultural resistance is the best tribute we can pay to all the victims of obscurantism in Mali, Africa and worldwide.”

30 to 40,000 artists and festival-goers from over 20 countries converged towards the “4444 Balazans” city to attend the vibrant celebration.

Arterial Network meetings on the sidelines of Festival sur le Niger

Reseau Kya / Arterial Mali used the opportunity of Festival sur le Niger to organise an Executive Committee meeting which was opened to members on Sunday, 4 February in Segou. The Agenda comprised a mid-term activities report by Chairperson Fouseyni Diakite followed by a report on the Network’s operations by all members of the Network.

At the end of this meeting, a number of resolutions were taken and a roadmap was drawn in order to sustain the dynamism of Reseau Kya.  The main actions are centred on communication, the improvement of membership procedures and the search for new partners.

The Chairpersons of Affiliate organisations, involved in Arterial African Creative Cities Programme also met on Friday, 2 February 2018 at the Festival sur le Niger Foundation. This was an opportunity to take stock of the achievements so far, to assess the changes introduced by the programme and to discuss future actions. At the end of this meeting, resolutions were taken such as the decision to pursue the Programme, to ensure better coordination, to appoint Kane Limam « Monza » from Mauritania the focal point for Arterial Network’s four Creative Cities and to select new Creative Cities.

Arterial Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa elected New Chairpersons

Affiliates from Arterial Uganda, Arterial Mozambique and Arterial South Africa recently elected their new Chairpersons. Congratulations and welcome to Edward Waddimba (Chairperson & Treasurer / Visual Artist & Entrepreneur) Sansão Zwane (Cultural Manager and Independent Researcher), Lonwanbo Mavuso (Marketing & Operations Manager with Business and Arts SA).

Discovering Pointe Noiver Creative City With Pierre Claver Mabiala

Arterial African Creative Cities (AACC) is one of Arteria Network’s flagship programmes supported. We invite you to take a trip through our four Creative Cities to discover the true impact of the initiative.

The first stopover will be in Pointe Noire with this interview of Pierre Claver Mabiala, Director of the Espace Culturel Yaro, from Arterial Congo.

Arterial Network UNESCO headquarters in Paris

Daves Guzha attented the 11th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, from 12 to 15 December 2017 . The session was marked by the launch of the 2018 Global Report “Re | Shaping Cultural Policies Advancing Creativity for development”

The report highlights the growth and the discrepancies in the trade of cultural goods and services while looking at unequal access to positions of responsibility for women in the culture sector, threats to artistic freedom as well as the challenges preventing communities from taking full advantage of the potential contribution of the sector to sustainable development”.

African Culture Fund attends Carthage Theatre Days

The African Culture Fund was introduced to cultural and economic operators from Tunisia and elsewhere last 16 December 2017 in Tunis by Jean-Luc Gbati Sonhaye member of Arterial Network Steering Committee, Legal Adviser and Consultant for African Culture Fund during the pilot phase.

This introductory meeting was held as part of the Information Day on Resource pooling organised by Culture Funding Watch on the sidelines of the Carthage Theatre Festival. The workshops featured speed dating sessions which enabled each of the representatives to introduce their organisations to groups of 3 to 5 participants.

New Continental Secretariat Staff

Arterial Network heartily thanks and wishes Diana Ramarohetra good luck in her future challenges, after four years of fruitful and dynamic collaboration within Arterial Network.

Arrival of Terence and Marlyse at the Continental Secretariat:

The Continental Secretariat welcomed two new staff members ending 2017: Terence Assanvo (Administration and Finance Officer) and Marlyse-Carrol Gakpa (Communications Officer).

A warm welcome to both of them !

 Afrikayna / Arterial Morocco: Ubuntu Roads Creative Residency with Senegalese artist Alibeta

A project conducted with support from the Afrikayna Association in partnership with the French Institute in Casablanca, the Boultek-Center for modern music and the Gnaoua Culture Association.

From 15 to 27 January 2018, Alibeta travelled to morocco to pursue his research work on travel, exile, migrations and to ponder on the African identity. His new musical endeavour is inspired by the Music of Africa’s nomadic population. Having made travels and encounters his main source of inspiration, Alibeta has come, accompanied by the Mauritanian griot Cheikhou Ba to meet the Moroccan son of Bambara: Khalid Sansi. It is a project which blends two cultures and traditional instruments”, explains Maâllem Khalid Sansi.

The residency was concluded with a concert-show designed as a report-back session of his creative journey. The latter aims at catching key moments, look through videos and retranscribing the beauty of cultural diversity to “recapture” the Ubuntu spirit.

Afrikayna / Arterial Maroc : Update of Africa Art Lines (AAL) Online Platform

After a highly successful information tour organised by the association in six (06) cities across Morocco, and  information sharing through cultural networks continent wide, several applications were submitted in respect to a call for proposals by the Africa Art Lines Fund.

In order to optimise the management of these applications, Afrikayna was contacted ending 2017 for an investment involving the total overhaul of the online platform. The breakdown and functioning of the online platform was presented to members of the jury who commended the initiative and the innovativeness of the proposal and the processing of the files using a dedicated platform for Jury members. The launching was made in the beginning of 2018. The last call for proposals from 1st January to 30 March was also carried out.

Reseau Kya / Arterial Mali: African Festival of Artistic Virtual Images (FAIVA)

The African Festival of Artistic Virtual Images (FAIVA) provides a platform for dialogue, education and interaction among artists and the local population It focuses on the promoting and developing Visual Art in Mali. It is also an environment for encouraging artists to use New technologies in Art, in order to expand their opportunities and increase their revenue. FAIVA has become a popular platform for mobilisation, even providing a gamut of rich and diverse activities (open sky art exhibitions, workshops, video projections, conferences, public discussions and debates, concerts, musical performances, etc.).

This year, FAIVA’s activities were focused on a common theme: “PATHWAY”. The 7th FAIVA laid emphasis on synergy among cultural organisations which constitute the ecosystem of Centre Soleil d’Afrique by providing each of them with an expression platform during the festival. The 7th FAIVA was held from 19 to 21 January 2018 in Bamako.

Reseau Kya / Arterial Mali: Finale of the National “City Talents” Competition

After nine (09) successful competitions, SMARTS Segou held its 10th National “City Talents” Competition. The castings which began in April 2017 were held in the Kayes, Sikasso, Mopti, Segou regions and the Bamako district. Indeed, the “City Talents” competition consists in organising a national art competition (plastic arts, digital arts and photography), music and hair dressing between young budding artists aged between 15 and 35 in a drive to stimulate innovation, creativity and to promote artistic expression and cultural diversity.

This national project has helped to guide and mentor 60 young artists shortlisted in the above-mentioned disciplines for more professionalism and competitiveness while encouraging them and making them positive examples to emulate. This year’s theme for the City Talents project was: “Art and Change”. The final phase of the competition was held on Saturday 23 December 2017 in Segou.

After a period of crisis which deeply impacted our country, the choice of this theme will help consolidate achievements such as sustainable peace, social cohesion as well as showcase and promote Malian Art and Culture. The 10th National City Talents competition also helped drum up support for the peace efforts of our high profile authorities.

“Art in Seychelles, Then and Now” Book launch

A press conference, followed by an evening gala was held on 7 December 2017 by Arterial Network Seychelles, on the occasion of the launching of the book titled “Art in Seychelles, Then and Now”.  A 256-page publication in which the author, Martin Kennedy, member of Arterial Network Seychelles, depicts a unique vision of the artistic culture of Seychelles and revisits the evolution of the country’s cultural scene starting from original Art right up to the works of contemporary Seychelles artists.

Inauguration of the African Culture Fund

The African Culture Fund’s was launched on 28 November 2017 during a press conference followed by an exhibition and sale of art works at la Rotonde des Arts in Abidjan.

The Fund, whose President is Mamou Daffe (outgoing Chairperson of Arterial Network), is meant to be a transnational tool that is completely autonomous towards Arterial Network in terms of management and operations. Its vision is to support the African arts and culture sectors and the mission is to ensure professionalization at every step of the cultural and creative industries’ value chain. The Fund will help, among other things, to pay special attention to cultural entrepreneurship, with further emphasis on youth and women.

November 2017 end-of-term meetings in Abidjan

In an attempt to remain consistent with its Constitutional requirements, Arterial Network held the end of term meetings of its decision organs in November 2017. All in all, about thirty participants including Steering Committee members, delegates appointed by Affiliate organisations and the Continental Secretariat team took part in the activities scheduled.

The following affiliates were present at this meeting: Arterial Cameroon, Arterial Congo Brazzaville, Arterial Mali, Arterial Morocco, Arterial Mauritania, Arterial Mozambique, Arterial Nigeria, Arterial Senegal, Arterial Congo DRC, Arterial Uganda, Arterial Swaziland, Arterial Seychelles, Arterial Chad, Arterial Togo and Arterial Zimbabwe.

Creative Job Spotlight: Curator

Each month Arterial Network invites you to discover a creative and cultural industries Job. In this month’s issue, you are invited to learn more about the “Curator”.

Curating is becoming quite trendy in contemporary art and is probably one of the most recent professions in the cultural and creative industries sector.

The term is coined from the English verb “to cure” which is in turn derived from the Latin “curare” (meaning “to take care of”); in our context, it refers to the act of building an exhibition completely off the beaten track and to detect and showcase young, unknown artists.  One of the characteristics of a curator is the diversity of his/her skills. S/he is a jack of all trades: an art critic, theorist, professor, etc.

Raising awareness

The 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions received the support of 115 States. It’s a legal instrument that provides culture professionals with the opportunity to produce a wide range of cultural goods and services.

Discover in this short film the content of the 2005 convention, its objectives and relevance for cultural sector actors.

  Video produced in partnership with Afrikayna and Festival sur le Niger Foundation.


•    7 March: Arterial Day Celebration

•    8 March: International Women’s Day

•    10 March: Opening of MASA 2018


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