#WhatsNext Media: Discussion on the state of the media ecosystem in Kenya

#WhatsNext Media:
Discussion on the state of the media ecosystem in Kenya

Tuesday 20 Feb 6-pm @WeAreMettaNBO Riverside, 500 bob


At Nest, we run a monthly panel discussion series, where we bring together some of the sectors brightest minds on a specific vertical to ask them #WhatsNext? The panel typically consists of individuals from startups, corporates, investors, development agencies, academia, public interest groups and government.

Join us as we discuss the current state of the media ecosystem, explore the main constituents that affect the media’s public interest work and identify opportunities to support independent media.

The discussions will be based on but not limited to the recently published report titled, “Strengthening Kenyan Media: exploring a path towards journalism in the public interest” commissioned by the Omidyar Network.

Some of the pertinent topics set to be discussed include:

  1. Pressures and incentives which influence the media’s ability and willingness to provide independent, unbiased information of public interest.
  2. Reversing a decline in media support.
  3. Opportunities for supporting an independent media.

The event aims to provide a platform to exchange intellectual ideas and initiate a starting point for exploration of ways through which the Kenyan media ecosystem can flourish.

Key Highlights:

  • Presentation by Ory Okolloh– Director, Investments at Omidyar Network on Strengthening Kenyan Media. @kenyanpundit
  • Facilitation by Nanjira Sambuli. @ninanjira
  • Diversified high-level panel comprising media executives, chief editors, journalists, media bodies, influential bloggers/columnists among others.

Full list of panelists to be updated.

**The #WhatsNext series regularly sells out. Please book early to secure your seat. Please note that video and audio content may be recorded by the Mettā team

Cost Ksh. 500.00 for non-members.
Mpesa till no. 737416 Nest Group Africa

Instructions: Go to M-PESA & select Buy Goods

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