Submissions on gender & patriarchy: literary journal Granta


As a response to the #MeToo movement, Granta, one of the world’s most celebrated literary journals, is seeking submissions to its Summer 2018 issue on gender and patriarchy. Read the call for submission below from Granta Editor Sigrid Rausing. It contains all the details you need to send in your work. Good luck!


Dear all,

Granta 144, Summer 2018 – The patriarchy is crumbling… or is it?

As I write, #metoo has gone viral. Women and girls, and some men, are revealing the sexual abuse they have encountered. Many of the people who are now speaking out took sexual violence or inappropriate conduct for granted when it happened. When I was young, being touched up by strangers in a crowded carriage was normal. Wolf whistles from builders, too. Men exposed themselves in parks, and women were routinely belittled by male doctors and other professionals. Women in short skirts were seen as fair game – if a woman was anything other than modest and sober, she had it coming, people said, in compassion or contempt. Culture turns on a dime, we know that. Hopefully for the better, quite possibly for the worse.

This issue of Granta is about gender, about patriarchy, and about all the ways in which the culture is now creakily changing. It’s about empowerment, trigger warnings and activism. Who runs the discourse, and who is excluded and why? Is trial by public opinion ever right? Are we seeing a form of mob rule? What about innocent until proven guilty? Is #metoo a flash in the pan? Will compassion fatigue set in? Will there be a backlash, and what might that look like?

This issue is about what it means to be a woman in this world; it’s about feminist values and wit, what it means to be born a woman, and to become a woman.

We welcome submissions – fiction and non-fiction – from authors who are keen to think about these questions with us.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 2nd April 2018

Please contact editor Sigrid Rausing with ideas, submissions and proposals, copying in editorial assistants Eleanor Chandler and Josie Mitchell

Best wishes,
Sigrid Rausing
Editor Granta”


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