Job: Communications and content coordinator, remote, The Engine Room

Communications and content coordinator

  • Location: Remote
  • Hours of work: Full-time (40 hours per week)
  • Salary range: 42,000 – 54,000 USD per year depending on skills, experience and location
  • Ideal start date: September 1
  • Application deadline: rolling application (we will review applications as we receive them and may make a selection at any time)

About The Engine Room

The Engine Room supports social change organisations to make the most of data and technology to increase their impact. Throughout our research, community and direct support work, we work across a range of social change sectors to identify and discuss new opportunities that data and technology present.

The Engine Room works in a distributed team of 16 people based in 10 countries, and we’re open and collaborative in our approach. We think it’s key to build the capacity of local and national organisations so that they can take control of their own innovation with data and technology. We care about privacy and security online, but also think that responsible approaches to transparency are essential. We are allergic to hype: we believe in people, not technology. But we think that data and tech have the capacity to dramatically increase social change organisations’ effectiveness. The Engine Room aims to help make that happen.

About The Role

Communications is a core part of our work. We are looking for a diligent, curious person who’s interested in working with our team to carry out complex projects with humility, humour, and creativity. As with every role in our distributed team, it’s critical that the communications and content coordinator is organised, motivated, self-aware and accountable.

If you like learning about diverse subject areas, facilitating great comms with colleagues working across many areas of expertise, and are passionate about making complex issues easy to understand, this is the role for you.

You will maintain and drive our online presence across our website, social media, emails and publications. You will help shape our tone and keep it consistent, ensuring that we achieve our goal of helping activists and social change organisations make the most of technology and data in their work. As a support organisation, we want to use the platform we have to elevate the work of our partners and peers, and use our work to inform organisations in the same fields. It’s less about name recognition, and more about creating an environment for ideas to spread and flourish…

Key responsibilities:

  • Designing and implementing communications activities so that the support and resources The Engine Room offers are visible and accessible for the people who need them.
  • Managing The Engine Room’s social media presence (thus far, just Twitter) and developing a strategy that fits with our overall approach to support and engagement
  • Working with the team to develop an editorial pipeline and a regular stream of new content, including co-writing and editing blogposts.
  • Leading work on our monthly newsletter, from design and content to publication and promotion.
  • Boosting the visibility of our website and other websites we manage (;;, including through SEO.
  • Leading on the design of communications strategies for the launch of new products, reports and projects, coordinating media outreach as appropriate, and supporting programs to develop cohesive branding strategies
  • Working with our team to develop innovative approaches to sharing our work and areas for new content development.
  • Working with the team, especially our Executive Director, to tease out ideas and get them into blog posts/appropriate media formats.

About you

You already have:

  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Experience designing communications and/or advocacy strategies, across a program’s work and around the launch of projects or events.
  • Fluency in English and at least one other language – ideally Spanish

You know about:

  • How to engage with partners and expand our networks in a thoughtful and respectful way online.
  • Strategies for increasing visibility through a range of mediums, including improving SEO rankings.
  • Managing WordPress sites (including creating new pages, and adding/updating content)
  • How to make online content accessible, readable and easy to use.

It would be nice if you knew about:

  • Organisations using technology for social change, or those working on human rights, transparency & accountability, or environmental justice – and the challenges they face in their work.
  • How to collaborate with a remote team and/or with people from different countries and cultures..
  • How to manage graphic designers, illustrators, web developers and/or UX designers to develop or produce communications outputs.
  • Technical skills such as (but not limited to):
    • Familiarity with Github and version control.
    • Graphic design.
    • HTML and CSS.

You keep ahead of trends related to social change and tech/data, and know who to look to for cutting-edge work – but you also have a healthy disregard for gimmicks and hype.

You’re curious and read a lot, but know how to summarise and draw out the key points in a clear, concise way. You’re detail-oriented, too: before a launch, you’ll think through all the tiny details that need to happen on time – and make sure they do.

You’ll be flexible and excited to work with our diverse team to learn about our partners’ needs, and develop content and materials that will support those needs. You’re culturally aware, and understand that different contexts and cultures might require very different types of communication and engagement strategies.

If this sounds like a great fit for you, please apply!

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