Call for applications: Atelier for Young Festival Managers

Fees look to be about 250,000 KES (but perhaps there are scholarships?)

Call for applications: Atelier for Young Festival Managers

Fill in the required detail online here and submit it. For selection criteria, selection/application procedure and course fee etc., visit the Festival Academy website.

The workshop is designed for emerging artistic festival directors or those who have ambitions to get involved in programming or related departments within a festival. It is about sharing experiences and passing on knowledge to the next generation of festival makers: knowledge about programming a festival while focusing on the very essence of art festivals – the arts and the artist.

Forty-five young festival managers from all over the world will be selected to participate in the Atelier. About 10 distinguished festival directors will attend, each for at least two full days, and work together with participants throughout the week. Have a look here at the list of presenters at previous Ateliers for Young Festival Managers.

Participants will have the chance to compare their views with colleagues from various cultural and professional contexts and backgrounds, and analyse them in view of the local context of Johannesburg and South Africa.


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