Job: Communications Consultant, Friends of Lake Turkana (6 months)

May 2017
Friends of Lake Turkana
Environmental Justice| Resource Governance |Community Rights

Full job description HERE

Position Title: Communications Consultant

Reporting to: Executive Director



Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT), is a grassroots organization working to foster social, economic and environmental justice in the Turkana Basin is seeking a Media & Communications Consultant for six months contract. The Consultant will develop and implement communication and media strategies that facilitate comprehension, adoption and advancement of FoLT’s program’s goals and objectives. The position will be virtual with frequent travel.

The Consultant will develop, implement and manage communication strategies and implement focused communication and media strategies to support FoLT’s work. The Consultant will facilitate on-going communication between all parts of the organization, internal and external stakeholders and identify communication and media needs and opportunities of the organization.

Summary of Role

The consultant will be responsible for management of the communications and media aspects of campaigns and events, coordinating the implementation of the internal and external communication strategy of FoLT, ensuring team and public engagement and participation in its work.

The role requires strategic decision- making, analytical understanding, coordination and management. Leading the media and communications strategic planning to support the 2017 – 2022 Strategy. The role includes responsibility to mentor, training, manage and supervise others.


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