MANY jobs from Nairobi Garage network

Many jobs via Nairobi Garage… 

Uber is Hiring!! Uber,the global technology firm that designs alternative transportation apps making our commute easier in Nairobi’s hectic traffic, is now transforming their relationship in Africa and has plans to expand their friendship with locals by developing more headquarters in major cities like Nairobi. With the mood to encourage more access and adoption of technology based transport […]

Lendable is Hiring Engineers!! Lendable, is a finance and software company based in New York and Nairobi. They are passionate about making impact investing a competitive asset class. Lendable designs financial and software products that can encourage effective borrowing. They are a technology driven financial marketplace where non-banking financial isntitutions can develop and create a new model for foreign investment. […]

Green Max Capital Advisors is Recruiting! GreenMax Capital Advisors, an international clean energy investment and management consulting firm is searching for a GreenMax Transaction Advisory Associate  to join there base in Nairobi Kenya. GreenMax is specialized financial advisory organization that provides policy and project development resources for clean energy sectors. They have been a dominant player in the clean energy industry […]

Umati Capital is Searching for a CFO Umati Capital a financial services institution with a mission to revolutionize access to finance through technology utilization. Launched in late 2012 the founders build the startup with the objective to bring access to small-medium sized businesses (SMEs) in the Africa. Umati capital works with businesses across the agricultural and food sectors, producing innovative solutions to […]

BioLite is Looking for Accounting Manager! BioLite is a dynamic and rapidly growing social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and markets consumer energy products for off-grid communities around the world. Over the last four years, there team has quadrupled, and sales have doubled each year. Anchored by the award-winning HomeStove, our emerging markets product portfolio is growing. We are currently operating in […]

Branch is Hiring Branch a mobile-lending platform based in Kenya is now recruiting! Branch is expanding their base in Tanzania and is looking for a great team of professionals here in Kenya. Branch is Kenya-based mobile lending app, with an awesome team – working out of our office in Westlands – as well as an awesome co-founder Matt Flannery…

Fuzu is hiring! There’s no question you’ve heard about Fuzu, maybe you’ve used their platform yourself, maybe you got the job you have no thanks to them, maybe you know people who did! No matter, Fuzu has been one of the biggest players in the Kenyan scene connecting prospective employees to potential employers, facilitating the hiring process, making… 

Triggerise has two open positions! Triggerise is looking for two bright individuals to fill in two key roles; Ecosystem Manager, and Ecosystem Administrator. Make their vision a reality. Read the job ads below to see what the jobs entail, and become a part of them… and us! Triggerise Ecosystem Administrator Job Ad THIS ONE IS  NOW FILLED! Check out their other open […]

ITDP needs an intern! The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy is an NGO that’s doing some seriously impactful work in promoting sustainable equitable transport worldwide. Equity is something that African societies desperately need, so there’s no shortage of things for them to do here! As their seat for all things ITDP Africa, they chose our very own serviced […]

Netwookie is hiring Netwookie are a technology start-up company based in Nairobi, Kenya, wishing to offer a mobile platform that allows potential customers to connect with service providers from the informal sector for their specific job needs. They need an Android developer to keep their platform writing. Do you write magnificent code? Well then, take a look at the […]


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