Call for proposals: Civic Engagement for Open Contracting, Hivos & Article 19

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Call for proposals: Civic Engagement for Open Contracting

Are you involved in a project, initiative or organisation aimed at improving the transparency and accountability of public institutions in Indonesia, The Philippines, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi or Guatemala? Do you have experience in the field of open contracting? Could you use advice on concrete ways to positively adjust the trajectory and outcomes of your project? Hivos and ARTICLE 19 are offering a programme that you might be interested in!

Why do we do this? We are launching a global programme to build the capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), media, entrepreneurs or social start-ups in analysing public contracting data, for lobby and advocacy purposes.

What do we offer? In the course of six to nine months, selected partner organizations will receive a package of support, mentorship and training tailored to their capacities and needs to effectively engage with open contracting in their country. This support package is inspired by the Engine Room’s Matchbox Program to enable the partner organisation to design and implement their project proposal and use open contracting data for lobby and advocacy purposes.  We aim to support partner organisations to adapt new capacities that enable them to achieve demonstrable outcomes, that lead to organisational transformation and are sustainable…

Please note that this is an offer for a partnership not a funding opportunity. Selected partners will receive a support package that includes intensive mentoring, trainings, expert advice and  support on technology and data, networking, matchmaking, convening government and other stakeholders, and coordination of national and regional lobby and advocacy.  Should seed funding be required, Hivos might be able to offer seed funding of up to EURO 10,000 per year to selected partners.

Depending on selected partner organizations’ capacity assessment, this partnership offers:

  1. Support on project design
  2. Refinement of project proposals
  3. Advice on the organisational approach to data and/or technology
  4. Trainings and expert advice on the use of data and/or technology during project implementation
  5. Intensive mentorship during the entire process of design, development, evaluation and documentation of project proposals
  6. Networking & matchmaking, including facilitating dialogue with governments and other stakeholders
  7. Assistance in increasing coordination within coalitions for the development of a data infrastructure and advocacy strategy
  8. Small scale financial support in form of seed funding plus advice on fundraising and applications for external grants
  9. Potential extension of the partnership (max. 4 years) for ambitious projects with a long term vision

What are we looking for?

To qualify for application you must be a Civil Society Organisation, entrepreneur, social start-up or media organization registered in Indonesia, The Philippines, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi or Guatemala. Priority will be given to project proposals that demonstrate:

  • A clear, long-term vision and action plan to solve a specific problem related to open contracting [have a bright vision]
  • An ability to tackle a specific problem in one of the sectoral focus areas [be focused]
  • A clear strategy on how to combine open contracting data with lobby and advocacy [be problem focussed]
  • An ambitious but realistic implementation plan [design user centred]
  • A willingness to visualise data and use technology in a comprehensible and manageable way [keep it simple]
  • A willingness to adjust, expand, and reuse existing databases and software [don’t reinvent the wheel]
  • A willingness to use open source software that makes reuse easy [help others]
  • A plan to engage with different stakeholders and build coalitions for lobby and advocacy purposes [build coalitions to amplify impact]

Priority will be given to projects which focus on one of the following sectors:

  • Constructions
  • Extractives, forestry
  • Health
  • Education
  • Energy/Climate
  • Food Security, water


The partnership process will kick-off with a one-week ‘Spring Sprint’ in each of Hivos’ regional hubs:

  • Organizations from Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania will join the Spring Sprint in Nairobi, Kenya from 20-25 March 2017
  • Organizations from Indonesia and The Philippines will join the Spring Sprint in Jakarta, Indonesia from 3-7 April 2017
  • Organizations from Guatemala will join the Spring Sprint in San Jose, Costa Rica from 17-21 April 2017

The Spring Sprints build the basis for our collaboration and result in the following outputs: capacity assessment and tailor made capacity development plans for each partner; initial trainings; analysis and advice on possible data and tech requirements for the proposal; project refinement; and a solid work plan for implementation.

Apply here before 15 February 2017 (applications have to be in English or Spanish). A selection committee will evaluate all applications against our selection criteria and invite shortlisted candidates to an interview in the period 23-28 February 2017. Partners are selected and invited by 1 March 2017. If you don’t hear from us please consider that your application was not successful. For questions or more information about the programme, contact Anna Kiebert:

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