Data vis journalism training (ONE) – Act fast!

Launch of ONE’s Africa Data Report and to attend a workshop of Data Journalism

23 August (Tuesday), 8:30am-5pm


This is a one day data journalism curriculum aimed at providing practicing journalist with fundamental knowledge in data representation and visualization. The curriculum will be divided into three sessions that covers the following:

  • Introduction to data visualization
  • Building blocks of data representation
  • Designing visualizations

The basic structure of the training will consist theoretical lectures interwoven with discussions – a few practical demonstrations may be utilized for demonstration purposes.  Curriculum details are provided in the next section…


Session One

  • Introduction
    • What is data visualization
      • Statistical graphics
      • Informative art
      • Information visualization
      • Infographics
      • Scientific visualization
    • Principles of Visualization
      • Is it useful
        • Answer user questions
      • Is it important
        • Does it drive decision and interpretation
      • Is it powerful
        • Communicate, teach, inspire

Session Two

  • Foundation and Theory
    • Thinking and seeing
      • Visual perceptions
      • Eye vs Camera
  • Building Blocks
    • From data to graphics
      • Data types
      • Data type transformation
      • Advanced data types
      • Visual encodings
        • Points, lines, area, volume
      • Channel effectiveness
      • Application
        • Bar chart, histogram, scatter plot, bubble chart

Session Three

  • Design and Critique
    • Principles and guidelines
      • Design guidelines
        • Integrity
        • Effectiveness
        • Aesthetics
      • Style guidelines
  • Construction of
    • Building visualizations
      • Visualization software
        • Python, R, CartoDB

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