Having a tough time job-seeking?

(Originally a response to a jobseeker.)

Pole, I’m sorry you have found the job search process so difficult. You are certainly not alone.

That’s exactly why I’d posted all these tips and opportunities, to provide timely info and advice for people. Given all those resources, I do feel more confident that anyone who is serious and professional should be able to find some good opportunities, either direct job postings or through recruitment services and platforms like KamaKazi.

I would just say you really need to be perfect, even down to the “small” stuff like grammar and formatting of emails. Have a friend proofread email communications and your CV. KamaKazi in particular has lots of really good advice. If you follow everything they suggest, you should be in great shape. For example, researching your employer well, writing a good letter of interest, customising your CV for every position, being attentive even while waiting, being polite to the receptionist before an interview, etc.

Once you have perfected your job pursuit, then all there is to do is keep going. I keep posting more things here on the blog, too, but KamaKazi and DumaWorks alone have thousands of active listings. It just takes a lot of work to apply, and in good form.

I have seen friends apply to hundreds of jobs seriously before anything came through. I also had another friend get turned down because he spelled something wrong, and another who did not get a job because she didn’t put the right position name into the subject line of the email. Potential employers were judging professionalism and attention to detail, especially in those crucial first communications.

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