University Application Support for scholars from Mathare (by 31 July)

(Trying to find out more about this one, so take with grain of salt…)

Call for Applications

Are you a bright but needy scholar from Mathare striving for a Master’s Degree, possibly abroad – but you don’t really know where to start? Get one-on-one coaching with experienced mentors who can guide you through the application process.


Through the University Application Support Program we are looking for talented and committed scholars from Mathare who are striving for a Master’s Degree.

There are a number of universities around the world that provide scholarship opportunities, yet finding them and mastering the application process is often a challenging task…

Against this backdrop, the program seeks to link potential applicants with mentors who will assist you in finding scholarship opportunities and coach you throughout the application process. The coaching will take place on a one-on-one basis where you would share your coaching needs and receive constant feedback on your application materials.


Ideally, applicants should have the following skills and characteristics:

– Bachelor’s Degree (a must)
– Originate from Mathare (a must)
– Good to excellent academic background
– Volunteer and/or community service experience
– A particular talent
– A very high motivation and a clear focus of what you want to get out of the educational experience (an example would be: having witnessed human rights violations and wanting to strengthen human rights organizations or whatever else helps to connect your experience with a potential university program or career goal)
– Good writing and communication skills
– High motivation and perseverance


Send a motivational letter not exceeding 350 words along with your CV to

In the motivational letter you should state:

  • Your academic interests and achievements
  • Why you would like to continue with your education and what you hope to get out of it
  • How this opportunity will help you change the Mathare community
  • Any kind of further activities that you are involved in

We are looking forward to receiving your applications by 31 July 2016!


The information held in the application forms will be kept in strict confidence by the Program Advisory Board, and the applicant’s mentor, unless permission is otherwise obtained from the applicant. Depending on the availability of qualified mentors, the number of participants in the program will be limited each year. In order to determine who will be able to participate in the program, the applicant will be assessed based on their academic and extra-curricular performance as well as on the quality of their application materials and motivation.

1. Requirements for participation in the programme:

  • Mentor and mentee enter a partnership that is voluntary and based on mutual trust.
  • The programme runs up until the point where the application process is completed. However either of the parties involved are allowed to terminate the relationship at an earlier date, without giving a reason.
  • The selection committee reserves the right, without giving any reasons, to turn down applications to the mentoring programme, or to exclude applicants from the mentoring programme at a later date.
  • There is no entitlement to a position as mentor or mentee.

2. Participants’ obligations:

  • To treat personal information provided by the participating parties with complete confidentiality and not to disclose this information to any third parties.
  • All activities are to take place without any remuneration.

3. Non-discrimination policy in assigning mentors/mentees:

  • Mentors and mentees are assigned individually based on the participants’ profiles and the information provided.

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