Open Call: East African artists & cultural partners (British Council)

Open Call for East African artists and cultural partners

East Africa Arts Overview:

East Africa Arts is the British Council’s framework for working between Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and the UK. The programme: connects new audiences to new art, shares skills of creatives, and ignites partnerships between the creative sectors of the UK and East Africa.

The programme has three core sections…

Igniting Ideas, Creating Connections

An open call, released on 1st July 2016, for cultural partners across Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and the UK, to create new art to showcase to new audiences in the UK and East Africa.

East Africa Arts invites you to submit an expression of interest for new Art new Audiences.

nAnA criteria:
•There is no theme for nAnA, only the objective to produce new art, which connects to new audiences;
•Minimum one UK and two East African countries to be involved in the project;
•Project administered by one East African or UK partner;
•Target audience for nAnA is 18-35 year olds;
•Projects can be match funded;
•Minimum and maximum grant allocation is £2,000-£20,000;
•3-5 projects will be selected for nAnA  2016/17
Deadline for one page submission of interest is:  31st July 2016

Download application form from the downloads section below. For nAnA enquiries, contact:

Skills and networking

Creative Hustles are skills and networking events, taking place across East Africa. Creative Hustles share cultural skills and knowledge, and give access to the creative sector for 18-35 year olds. Each Creative Hustle connects UK and East African expertise. Creative Hustles are independent events, or events attached onto cultural programmes being organised by cultural spaces in East Africa. Creative Hustles are pre-selected by British Council country offices and conceptualised in conjunction with East African cultural partners.

For more information, contact:

Sparking Collaboration Across East Africa and the UK

Connect East Africa is an East African mobility programme, co-produced by British Council, DOEN Foundation and Lambent Foundation.  Artists and cultural practitioners, across art forms, will be able to apply for a travel grant to participate in an event  in East Africa, that has a collaborative, research or skills based outcome.

Two open calls per year will be announced starting in August 2016. Successful applicants will be expected to share their travel experience in innovative, digital and publically accessible ways.

For more information, contact:


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