MOTHER LIST: Job listings & resources

Getting a job is never just a matter of submitting many job applications, but listings are still a key part of identifying potential employers who are hiring, and finding positions that meet your skills and interest. And some platforms offer articles, tips, and resources to help apply properly and effectively.

Most people know about Brighter Monday, perhaps the most established website for job listings in Kenya, with a good search function and updates available by email. Right now, they have 900 listings, with the majority within Kenya, and others that Kenyans could qualify for.

But now there are some newer resources and services available for jobseekers. They include DumaWorks and Kama Kazi, which were featured in BBC piece “Getting Africa’s jobseekers online and into employment” in May of 2015.

Here’s a list of online platforms with job resources:

  • Kama Kazi – job listings but full service recruitment firm, articles
  • DumaWorks – job listings with special search functions, articles
  • Brighter Monday job listings
  • Careers24 – job listings (I don’t know more)
  • Career Point – job listings and articles
  • EmployFy – job listings (not so many but some are active)

[Other sites like eKazi don’t seem to be active.]

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