Academic Seminar on Civil Resistance: Study of Nonviolent Power & Organised People

Call for applicants:

Civil Resistance: The Study of Nonviolent Power and Organised People

20 – 23 September 2016, Nairobi
Facilitated by ICNC, hosted by Hekima Peace Institute, with Pawa Initiative

Apply ASAP. Rolling admissions until filled. Space is quite limited, so applicants should state their interest and relevance clearly. Global curriculum. Full four-day participation required.

Full details at and pasted below.

Brief background: Civil resistance has been waged in hundreds of societies and cultures around the world. It is a powerful way for people to fight for their rights, freedom, justice, and self-determination—without the use of violence. When a political movement, community, or group wages civil resistance, they collectively withdraw their cooperation from an unjust oppressive system, using tactics such as strikes, boycotts, mass protests, and various forms of noncooperation. As large numbers participate in these actions in a unified, organized, and disciplined way, they disrupt the capacity of power-holders… more at ICNC website.

Call for participants for academic seminar:

Civil Resistance: The Study of Nonviolent Power and Organised People

An ICNC Seminar at Hekima University College (Institute of Peace & International Relations), Nairobi, Kenya
20-23 September 2016, Tuesday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm (until 3pm on Friday)

Applications being accepted now. Early birds take priority. Full programme attendance required.

About the seminar

HIPSIR and Pawa Initiative are hosting an academic seminar on civil resistance /  nonviolent struggle. The seminar is designed for faculty, graduate students, and researchers with an interest in nonviolent movements, people power and nonviolent change. The goal of the seminar is to promote the study, research and teaching in the field of civil resistance studies.

The three-day globally focused curriculum will be facilitated by the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. The fourth day, with local facilitators, participants will discuss content in the context of Kenya, its history, and current affairs. A certificate will be awarded by Hekima Institute of Peace and International Relations (HIPSIR) upon full attendance and completion of the full four-day course.

Seminar themes

The seminar will discuss different empirical cases & basic concepts of civil resistance, from around the world. For more background on nonviolent conflict & civil resistance, visit Thematic areas covered in the seminar will include

  • Historical record of civil resistance
  • How civil resistance works: strategies and tactics
  • Managing repression and backfire
  • Women in civil resistance
  • External actors and international solidarity
  • Civil resistance and democratization
  • Historical and contemporary cases of civil resistance


This four-day seminar is organised for university faculty, graduate students, and practitioner and academic researchers. We seek a diversity of perspectives and views from across Kenya. We also hope to foster connections among diverse participants across academia and civil society, and to create further opportunities for continued engagement and collaboration.

Seminar instructors

The ICNC instructors who will deliver the seminar content include its staff, academic advisors and other collaborators:

  • Maciej Bartkowski, ICNC Director
  • Katherine Hughes-Fraitekh, ICNC Associate Director for Field Initiatives
  • Ivan Marovic, Belgrade, Serbia (formerly OTPOR)

ICNC materials

An electronic reading list will be distributed prior to the seminar via an ICNC e-class to which registered participants will have indefinite access. Participants will be highly encouraged but not required to read literature prior to the seminar.

How to apply

The space for this seminar is limited. Applications will be received on a rolling basis until filled. Attendance for the full length of the four-day seminar is required. To apply, please fill out this Google form: with the following information:

  • your institutional affiliation and specialisation
  • why you want to participate in the seminar
  • expectations of how this seminar will inform your work
  • confirmation of your full programme attendance

If you have trouble with the form, you can also send an email to organiser Sasha Kinney ( with these answers and your full contact information.

There is no fee associated with this seminar or its materials.


For more information about ICNC and its seminars, visit (educational initiatives). For more information about HIPSIR, visit, and for Pawa Initiative

Host Coordinator: Catherine Amenya
catherine.amenya at

Seminar Coordinator: Sasha Kinney
sasha at

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