Job: Front of Office (Nairobi Garage)

At coworking space mostly for techie startups, on Ngong Road, Piedmont Plaza, opposite Kenya Science…


on 16 Feb, 2016

Front of Office

The front office role is one of the most important roles in Nairobi Garage. You will be who all visitors and members know as the face of the space. All communication from members to the company will come through you and you will need to know how to act on each piece of information…

Office operations

//Informing the building management of issues that need to be attended to. Following up and pressuring them for action.

//Helping to coordinate with the cleaners to attend to cleaning or similar issues in the office that may be affecting people.

//Manage boardroom bookings.

//Reception work, including answering the office phone.

//Managing the stationery and other equipment in the office under the guidance of the office manager, and requesting for approval for orders.

//Managing door access and mailing list access for new and outgoing members.

Member Management

//Assisting with printing for members.

//Assigning lockers to members and keeping records of keys.

//Dealing with complaints from members, resolving them where possible, and escalating them to the Office manager when necessary.

//Assisting accounts in the invoicing of clients by feeding back information on members.

Customer Service  

//Ensure all communication from the members is passed to the relevant person and acted upon.

//Informing members via email about office matters, interruption to services, events or other disruptions.

//Giving feedback from customers on any observations/issues we should work on,  and feeding back to the management.

Sales/Marketing of Space

//Taking down details for visitors, and collecting business cards

//Upselling services in the space to members and potential members. Helping to sell the space when clients come, giving out fliers etc.

//Greeting visitors and recording visitor details for sales leads, and sending follow up emails with rates.

//Building and curating the external mailing list.

If you’ve got what it takes, send cover letter and CV to to join a great team!


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