Photo Contest #entrepreneurship4africa

Perhaps featuring the longest actual serious hashtag ever……

Via Pawa254, which posts this and MANY OTHER OPPORTUNITIES on its blog:

Intellecap, in partnership with Practitioner’s Hub, Alliance Francaise and Boniface Mwangi, is calling for applicants to submit photographs that capture the essence of entrepreneurship in Africa.

Intellecap believes in the power of entrepreneurship to solve the world’s largest social and environmental challenges and want to and shine light on entrepreneurship in Africa.

The winning entries will be showcased at the Sankalp Africa Summit, which attracts over 1000 stakeholders, and will be held from the 25-26th February in Nairobi.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. The photo must be original, at least 9*12″ in size and at least 30 dpi in resolution.
  2. You must have consent of the photographed person.
  3. Please avoid any reproduction which may be protected under copyright laws.
  4. Photographs will be judged on composition, technical excellence, artistic merit, originality, and overall impact.


$250, $150 and $100 for the top 3 entries. Certificates will also be awarded to the top 3 entries at the Sanklap Summit.

Submit your entries before 8pm EAT 10 February, 2016.

To Submit:

  1. Send your entries to
  2. Include your name, address, phone number, and email address.

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