Job: Communications Officer (ShopOfficer)

ShopOfficer enables retail businesses to track their sales, sales team performance and customer loyalty in a simple and effective way. It is a mobile and web platform that is used by the business manager and sales team. It also provides them with a way engage with their customers in a quick and affordable way so as to get feedback that they can use to create better experiences.

We are hiring a Communications Officer for to handle communications and public relations for our brand. The candidate should be excellent in oral and written communication.

Primary responsibilities include:
1. Create and launch press releases and marketing campaigns.
2. Contact members of the media to set up interviews with company reps.
3. Get our company featured on the internet and other media outlets.
4. Manage our social media engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.
5. Handle client and partner communications and relations.
6. Network in relevant events to seek opportunities for the company.
7. Advise company’s marketing and branding strategies.

We will offer a monthly stipend which will grow depending on performance.  We will also offer company shares options as depending on performance and time spent working for us. To apply send your CV to techytimo (at)


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