Event for Nairobians 18-32years


Dear Nairobian,

Are you young (18-32 years old), living in Nairobi and concerned about getting opportunities for good jobs, being able to access services in the city and having a voice in government and a chance to fulfilling your dreams?

PAWA254 is concerned about the same issues and we’ve partnered with the United Nations Settlements Programme – UN-HABITAT  – to support their mission for sustainable urbanization in cities and regions that provide all citizens with adequate shelter, basic services, security, and employment opportunities, regardless of age, sex, and social strata. The 2010 State of the Urban Youth reports showed that “Inequality of opportunity and inequality of outcomes, have accentuated the growth of non-inclusive and unequal cities“.  Therefore this year UN-Habitat are collecting data for the Global State of  Urban Youth Report (GSUYR) 2015/16, which will dig deeper into the theme of “Equity and Youth Development.”

The report is being developed jointly by UN-Habitat and Action Aid and a number of local partners in across the world. The countries currently taking part in the study include Brazil, South Africa, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Jamaica, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Somalia and Palestine.

Now we really need to hear YOUR voice about YOUR experience living in this city NAIROBI.
We would like you to come and take part in a lively Focus Group Discussion, which will last about 90mins on various themes, with questions including:

What inequalities have you seen in your city?
What types of people would you say suffers the most with the inequalities of the city? What are the main issues that cause this?
Do you walk around your city? How do you feel in it? If you don’t walk around, why is that?

What influences which types of people have power in your city?
What kind of power do you feel you have in relation to the powerful?
How do these power relations prevent you as the youth from accessing your rights to the city?

Do you know what local government programs or public services there are for the benefit of youth in this city? What services do they provide for the youth?
Which institutions guarantee or protect which rights for the youth?
What has been your experience accessing any of these public services?

*There will be refreshments provided afterwards and a bus to take people home from a range of stops across the city.

Due to limited seating, kindly RSVP at the link:



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