Build Peace Fellows 2016 (global call)

Build Peace Fellows 2016

Welcome to the Build Peace 2016 Fellows Program. We are looking for exceptional individuals who want to work at the intersection of peacebuilding and technology. Applications are now open until February 1, 2016. Please read the information below before submitting an application. 

Fellowships are awarded to individuals to work on a peacebuilding intervention to which technology is central. We require that Fellows demonstrate they have a team behind them that will enable them to implement their project. Fellows can present a formal organization as their team, but this is not a requirement. 

We will also consider Fellows who present an unaffiliated group as their team. We are especially interested in receiving applications from peacebuilders who wish to begin using technology.

Applications from technologists who wish to begin working in the peacebuilding field will be considered, but may not be the best fit for this program.A panel, chaired by Build Up and comprising peacebuilding and technology professionals drawn from the Build Peace community, will evaluate fellowship applications.


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