Various Jobs at Digital Divide Data

Kenya-based Jobs with Digital Divide Data:

DDD delivers high-quality, competitively priced business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to clients worldwide. At the same time, DDD’s innovative social model enables talent from underserved populations to access professional opportunities and earn lasting higher income, including youth from low-income families in developing countries, as well as military spouses and veterans in the USA. This model, established by DDD in 2001, is now called “Impact Sourcing.” DDD is recognized among leading commercial service providers in the Global Outsourcing 100–and also consistently ranked as one of the Top 100 NGOs in the world.

DDD’s Digital Content Solutions include:

  • Digitization Content Development: content conversion, ebook conversion, newspaper & archive digitization and tagging
  • Data Services: data entry & verification, database content support & hygiene and records management
  • Research Services: Internet, field  and market research, data collection & analytics
  • Image Processing: image enhancement, photo retouching, cropping & de-skewing
  • Back Office Services: finance & accounting and human resources

DDD’s clients include leading publishing, media, technology and information services firms; consumer brands and retailers; government agencies; libraries, museums and archives; investment, telecommunications and manufacturing firms, as well as NGOs.

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