Job: Grantmaking Coordinator (Pollination Project)

Aforementioned Pollination Project is based in the Bay Area, California, but this position can be remote, AND they are doing a lot more grantmaking in Kenya and Uganda, so seems promising!

The Grantmaking Coordinator handles the administrative aspects of our complex small grantmaking process from beginning to end, as well as serving as our lead “customer service rep,” being responsive to any issues that come up in the application or grant making process…

Job posting below & link to Idealist listing here (by the way, is a GREAT resources. US-based but more internationally focused every day…. home of nonprofit organisation profiles, job postings, etc, etc.)



  • Managing a detailed Sugar CRM database and ensuring all data, names, dates, contact information, communications and other details are kept impeccably.
  • Generating accurate data reports and analysis of applications, grants awarded, referral sources and more.
  • Managing the application to grantmaking process, including ensuring all automated workflows are functional and managing communications with applicants and grantees in an accurate, friendly, professional and timely fashion.
  • Spotting and fixing mistakes with existing data with a superhero-like sixth sense.


  • Processing and responding to up to 400 grant applications a month.
  • Doing an initial prescreen of grant applications and communicating with applicants.
  • Processing and vetting references for applications.
  • Preparing 10-12 grantmaking dockets a month.
  • Following up with and executing grantmaking team decisions and communicating clearly and compassionately with applicants about those decisions.
  • Communicating with grantees to obtain necessary information and complete paperwork such as tax info, legal names, forms, photos, social media details, etc., and then organizing and tracking that information accurately in our database and other systems such as Flickr, Instagram, Facebook and more.
  • Troubleshooting issues with grantees – from payment problems to questions about contracts to issues with photos and grant promotion.
  • Work with bookkeeper and CPA to ensure grant reporting is accurate and compliant.
  • Manage special grantmaking processes as needed.


· High level administrative experience: at least 2 years of professional experience in self directed, highly detailed administrative roles.

· Obsessive attention to detail. We will require an online “quiz” for all applicants to assess their ability to work successfully with the type of details we manage every day.

· Comfort working in google docs.

· Passion for working in and navigating complex databases and generating reports and creating and managing workflows.

· Experience working on a virtual team.

· A functional home-office set up. We do not have an office.

· Ability to attend meetings at least quarterly, in person, in the Bay Area, CA

· The ability to prioritize our applicant bill of rights in all communications with applicants.


· Experience with Sugar CRM database, advanced functions within flickr, wordpress

· A personal transformation practice and a commitment to a mindful practice such as yoga, meditation, prayer or other practice.

· A demonstrated commitment towards compassion for all life, including non human animals.

· Applications from those who are part of underrepresented or marginalized groups within the US.

· People who live in the Bay Area, CA, but not required.

How to apply

PLEASE REVIEW OUR WEBSITE at[[|]] and read about and make sure you understand our values prior to applying. This is a highly values-based organization and we are looking for people who are a values match, over and above the day to day job functions above. Please be sure your cover letter highlights how your personal values and practices are in line with The Pollination Project’s values and mission.

Apply at with a cover letter and resume. To facilitate review, please label each document with your name, the position name and document name (such as: Betty Sue Johnson, Grantmaking Coordinator, Cover Letter).


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