Job: Head of Kenya (Shortlist, an HR startup)

Title: Head of Kenya
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Start Date: ASAP

The recruitment industry is broken. We’re building a better way to hire:

HR is a bigger deal than you think. According to the World Bank, there are more people entering the job market in Sub-Saharan Africa in the next 20 years than in the rest of the world combined. Over time, millions of people will enter the workforce every month. This workforce forms the engine of economic growth. How effectively this talent can be matched with opportunity matters. A lot.

Shortlist is a funded global technology startup that will transform the way small businesses hire. Our solution sits at the intersection of automation and human interaction. We are building technology-enabled products and services backed up by candidate engagement teams, which together will help source and screen individuals looking for junior to mid-level jobs, and in ways that haven’t been done before.

For companies that are hiring, we will provide dramatically improved candidate profiles based on the skills and attributes that candidates can actually demonstrate to us, not just what they say they can do. For candidates, we will deliver a massively improved application experience, with feedback on their progress and detailed profiling of their strengths and capabilities. Ultimately, our goal is to unlock professional potential.

Role overview:

The CV is dead, long live your career. Shortlist is a funded technology startup that is looking to transform the way scaling small businesses and social enterprises in emerging markets recruit talent. In the lingo, we will provide an end-to-end sourcing and screening solution. We don’t want to give too much away, but think: big-data, tailored assessments, automation, deep and rich profiling, and a fantastic customer experience…

Ultimately, our goal is to unlock professional potential for the masses. Shortlist is looking for a Head of Kenya to work under the CEO, able to start as soon as possible. This will be a broad role, with responsibilities that span product development, business development, and operational management. Given that we’ve just gotten started, there is tremendous opportunity to build a company together – the product, the team, the culture – and leave your mark on the next big thing.

We are currently building our “minimum viable product” and you will be a big part of the planning, development, and launch later this year in East Africa (to start). You will be responsible for hiring our initial team in Kenya and setting up local operations in advance of the local product launch. Then, your role will continue to evolve as we further develop the product and grow the company. There will be occasional travel mostly within Kenya for client, partner, and team meetings.


Product Development (getting us going):
·       Support and drive key aspects of the product design, and customer experience for the Kenyan market
·       Identify and build partnership as necessary, negotiating agreements, and managing integration
·       Conceptualize and conduct market research, customer research, pilots and A/B tests to optimize product design and experience
·       Operational management (setting up the trains and then keeping them running):
·       Hire local product and operations team
·       Provide initial delivery of product and ensure pilot customers are happy
·       Relay feedback into product development or tech development
Business development (growing the customer base):
·       Identify need for and build relationships with online and offline channel partners
·       Test and optimize channels to grow user volumes and maximize engagement
·       Build and manage direct relationships with employer clients
Everything else (working at a startup):
·       Lead legal research, contract terms, and user agreements
·       Work with financial analysis and planning
·       Build tools, templates, and trackers across functions
·       Support occasional fundraising requests and materials
·       Identify and manage local service providers and complete other tasks related to setting up the local Kenyan operations as needed

Does this sounds like you?

·       Excited to use technology and innovation to unlock professional potential in emerging markets, and help scaling small businesses and social enterprises succeed.
·       Self-driven, curious and motivated to solve the problem. Resourceful and creative in finding ways to build the company. Disciplined and organized to get the job done with demonstrated experience in setting up new teams.
·       Can create order out of disorder and track a high volume of action items across multiple subject areas, people and partnerships without details falling through the cracks.
·       Ability to thrive in a dynamic, high performing, and geographically dispersed team. Knowing when to engage others for input and expertise.
Analytical and Strategic:
·       Strong strategy, research and analysis skills and intrinsic business acumen. Data driven and able to take a “test and learn” approach to product development.
·       Exceptional written and oral communication and presentation skills. Ability to communicate data, insights, objectives, timelines, and issues in a structured fashion. Able to build relationships with customers, partners, and service providers.
·       Advanced computer/web skills including Word/Excel/PowerPoint.
·       Experience working and living in East Africa
Desired qualities (5-7 years work experience in any number of the below areas):
·       Product development at early stage companies
·       Entrepreneurship or technology startups
·       Management consulting or related professional services
·       Recruitment, HR service provider, or HR technology
·       Technology platform development, coding, database management, or statistical analysis
·       Operational process design and management for BPO and call centers
·       Experience with psychometrics, personality assessments, or aptitude testing
·       Social entrepreneurship or impacting investing

How to apply:

To apply, send a short email to ma…, include a link to your LinkedIn
page, and tell us about:

·       Your current role (2-3 bullet points that are additive to your LinkedIn profile)
Why you would want to work for a human capital start-up (1 paragraph max)


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