Job: Office Director (Georgetown Univ gui2de)

gui2de-East Africa | Office Director

Roles and Responsibilities

The Office Director will be a senior level staff member responsible for oversight of all projects being run out of the gui2de-East Africa office, and will supervise and conduct all day-to-day operations of the office.  The successful candidate will work closely with the Chairman of the Management Committee, and will report directly to that committee, and the gui2de and Georgetown leadership.  The Director represents Georgetown, the gui2de leadership, and the Kenya Office in the development and execution of relationships with local partners.

The Office Director will be responsible for setting up our new research office in Nairobi.  This will involve the recruitment of new staff (in collaboration with the gui2de leadership) and the development of systems and Protocols for efficient operations…

Additional duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Supervision of the activities of the finance officer and other office staff;
  • Procurement of all supplies as necessary;
  • Management of contractual relationships with the landlord, security service, utilities, etc.;
  • Conduct of routine communications with local government and law enforcement, legal counsel, and with all other local partner institutions, as necessary;
  • Coordination of all business activities to ensure Georgetown University is in compliance with Kenyan laws and regulations.
  • Management of immigration issues for all ex pat staff and student visitors;
  • Advising of student interns on housing, safety, and other issues during their stays.


  • Education: Master’s degree
  • Experience: at least 5-7 years experience in a research organization
  • Thorough understanding of research techniques and methodologies as applied in the social and behavioral sciences, especially with respect to randomized control trials and other experimental methods;  
  • Experience with survey design and data collection, and commitment to maintaining high levels of scientific integrity;
  • Ability to anticipate and respond to challenges, and to build a trusting, cooperative, and collaborative team are essential.

About gui2de-East Africa

Georgetown University, founded in 1789 in Washington DC in the USA, is a Jesuit university committed to both teaching and research at the highest levels.  Consistent with these traditions and its commitment to global development, it intends to open a research office in Nairobi, Kenya.  The office will host research activities undertaken under the auspices of the Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation, or guiwhich conducts empirical field-based research to assess the impact and effectiveness of interventions and policies aimed at improving the lives and livelihoods of the poor.   The Initiative, jointly convened by the Economics Department and the McCourt School of Public Policy provides timely, relevant, and insightful analysis to inform development policy and practice.  The Nairobi office will be known as gui2de-East Africa, and will serve as a hub for research activities in the region.

gui2de-East Africa will administer a broad variety of research projects, in areas as diverse as road safety, mobile money and financial inclusion, education reform, agricultural financie, and maternal health.  The office will attract funding from partners such as the US Agency for International Development, the UK’s Department for International Development, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank, as well as other sources.

Until now, gui2de’s field research has been conducted through third party partners in-country, under the ultimate supervision of Georgetown faculty members in the US.  The new office will allow closer oversight of the research activities, more direct involvement of the principal investigators in project management and decisions, and higher quality research output. The new office will consist of a small core team that provides strategic leadership and the administrative infrastructure needed to conduct our work, along with a team of project managers and project assistants.

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