Event today: Vision and Strategy for startups and entrepreneurs (GIBÉBÉ)

From Nairobi Garage (open to the public) – 

Thursday 5th November at 5:00pm AOH (after office hours) at Nairobi Garage has an interesting session from GIBÉBÉ, it;s going to be quite interesting.

Presentation by: Joyce Mbaya- Ikiao Founder and visionary of GIBÉBÉ

Topic & Focus: Vision and strategy for startups and Entrepreneurs

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved” Sun Tzu

Welcome for a  practical and engaging session on vision and strategy for entrepreneurs and startups.

The session will be based on the first pillar of the GIBÉBÉ framework (Imagine). We will empower you with simple but effective tactics to define your vision and strategy, which are critical factors for the success of your Business.

Who We are:

GIBÉBÉ Limited is a Social Enterprise with a mandate to empower youth and communities in Africa and add value to education systems through personal development programs.

GIBÉBÉ is a powerful message, brand and framework that inspires and transforms lives. The word GIBÉBÉ is derived from the three step process it symbolizes…imaGIne, BElieve, BEcome…in Swahili, the word JIBEBE means to uplift yourself, in this case it would be relevant to think of it as improve yourself or transform yourself. The message and framework is introduced and explored in Joyce Mbaya-Ikiao’s inspiring book also titled GIBÉBÉ.

As an organization our mission is to inspire and empower young Africans to unleash their greatest potential, fast track their success and live their best lives.


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