Fellowship: Activist Ashram (The Rules)

We have finally launched the application for our year long fellowship, the Activist Ashram.

The fellowship has been created for activists on the frontline of the struggle against neoliberal capitalism. We are looking for young leaders and organizers from social movements from around the world, with a particular focus on those based in the global South.

There will be an opening circle in February in Morocco and a closing circle 12 months later. There are no obligations required from the fellows except to continue to do the work they are doing. There will be a small monthly stipend, and the support and resources of /TR, including our network of journalists, writers, artists, researchers, policy wonks, etc that will help amplify aspects of the fellows’ work.

If you know any potential candidates, please encourage them to apply. And if you can offer to be a reference, that would be helpful context for us as well.

Here is the application:


The curriculum will cover the following four areas:

(1) the expansion of a constellational world view focused on how all oppression is connected as well as exploring where the key acupuncture points in the neoliberal system are (through systemic analysis, relevant case studies, theories, etc.)

(2) enhancement of tools of expression (especially through meme warfare, political writing, research, citizen journalism, artivism etc.)

(3) building on tactical repertoire (through sharing organizing tactics and strategies, engaging people’s power, tech security etc.)

(4) valuing holistic activism and the spiritual aspects of the struggle (e.g. Original Wisdom from Indigenous Communities, meditation, yoga and ayurvedic principles to avoid activist burnout etc.).


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