Info session TODAY 4pm – Mastercard Scholars

As we described fully in an earlier post, the Mastercard Scholars Program offers 15,000 full ride scholarships to excellent universities, from US to Canada to Ghana to South Africa. To qualify, you must be African, have no money, and be a VERY – globally – competitive student.

Because the application process requires a lot of strategy, we have arranged for Faith from the US Embassy scholar support office to come and give an overview about the programme. Find out more about the programme, eligibility requirements, and the application process.

Info Session: Mastercard Scholars Program
Tuesday 13 October
4pm SHARP (one hour long)
Pawa254: must enter from State House Crescent

All are welcome. Share widely. And try to read through the full details I compiled before you come, so you can ask more strategic questions.

– There is no age restriction, though younger students seem encouraged.
– Most schools waive application fees.
– You do have to take international exams, and we can talk about how to make that affordable.

– Faith is a very serious professional: if you seem well prepared at the info session, she may be willing to help you further.
– If you’re really serious and competitive, we could find ways to support you, e.g. mentors from friends abroad who know the application process very well.


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