Jobs: Content Team ( is looking to fill three part time roles on its Content Team:

  • News Editor
  • Community and Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketer

The Company: is run by a team of highly driven professionals, all passionate about sharing the varied stories of Africa across the continent and the world. We like each other. We work hard. We enjoy working hard together to produce high quality products. We have a high profile in our space, and participate in many conferences, launches, and other professional/social events.

Location and Hours: Each of these jobs is a daily, part time job. You will be required to work part time Monday-Friday and on weekends depending on the role. You can work from home or from one of our offices if you are located nearby (we have offices in Johannesburg, Lagos and soon Nairobi). Depending on your location, you will be expected to attend meetings and events semi-regularly. Each of these jobs requires that you be available outside of normal business hours in your time zone. Please specify in your application what else you may be engaged in.

Compensation: You will be compensated in line with your qualifications and experience.

Applications: Each job opening has a specific set of application requirements. Please see below. All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you are interested, apply early!


THE JOB: is looking for a part time editor to join its Content Team. You will work with the Senior Editor to curate and publish’s highly popular daily curated news, as well as the current events, business, travel, and arts and culture newsletters, which are published weekly. You will have primary responsibility for discovering new and relevant content to share with the audience through our newsletters, over social media, and via our website. You will also have primary responsibility for a daily news product for hotels across Africa, and other push content as it is developed.

This is a highly integrated role. You will work closely with editors, the social media and community manager, content marketers, and contributors to craft and execute a content strategy that effectively and successfully brings our message and content to the audience.

On a typical day, you are likely to …

  • Read African news sources widely, and curate the daily newsletter, keeping in mind geographic diversity of sources and stories; publish the newsletter across several platforms; and analyze performance of prior days’ newsletters.
  • Begin curation of weekly newsletters for later in the week.
  • Tailor the weekly hotel news and publish.
  • Communicate with the community and social media manager to coordinate content sharing and promotion.
  • Meet with content marketer to receive feedback on goals and progress, and adjust curation in line with the marketing strategy. You can do this job if you are …
  • Dedicated to sharing African stories across the continent and the world
  • Passionate about the continent and African news
  • Always reading the news, aware of current trends, and looking for different perspectives and views
  • A self-starter and self-motivated
  • Able to work independently and remotely
  • Able to communicate effectively with a team across multiple time zones
  • Extremely attentive to, and driven by, deadlines
  • Detail-oriented
  • Familiar with multiple social media platforms, as well as real time analytics and social sharing tools
  • Excellent at written communication
  • Professional
  • Eager to pick up new skills


  • A degree in journalism or African-related studies preferred though not required
  • Prior experience in content curation and generation
  • Excellent written English


Please send the following to

  • Cover Letter, outlining your motivation and relevant experience. Include examples of your work, such as shareable visuals you have created, websites you have worked on, published work or articles, blogs, social media or marketing campaigns, portfolio, or anything else of relevance that will support your application. Please mention personal social media accounts, or professional accounts that you have managed.
  • CV with full contact information
  • Curate a Top 10 Weekly News Must Reads (see examples at
  • Select 10 Africa-related news articles from the last seven days from multiple news sources to compile the week’s Top 10 Weekly News newsletter.
  • Summarize each story in no more than 60 words, and list them from 1-10 in order of importance.
  • Pay special attention to geographic diversity of news items as well as news sources

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