Employers who are hiring

Here’s a list of some recent employment opportunities (mostly Nairobi) with interesting employers:

  • M-Kopa – an exciting social enterprise, which is growing quickly (200,000 households using their services in Kenya!) and was even recently visited by US President Obama. They have a number of mid- to senior-level positions available:
    • Call Centre Analyst
    • Business Analyst
    • Security Investigations Manager
    • Chief Marketing Officer
  • RefUnite – NGO that seeks to connect refugee families. Some of the jobs are in their Nairobi office:
    • Technical Project Manager
    • Interns (various places)
    • Developers
    • Data Scientist
    • Communications Fellow, SMS & Mobile
  • TISA – “The Institute for Social Accountability (TISA) is a civil society initiative committed towards the achievement of sound policy and good governance in local development in Kenya, to uplift livelihoods of, especially, the poor and marginalized.”
  • Uber – Two higher positions with this ride share company, which has operating in Kenya since the beginning of 2015. The only private company on this list (no social purpose/mission).
    • General Manager
    • Marketing Manager
  • Spire –  Over a dozen open positions, all in Nairobi. And possibly some job training opportunities, too, because that’s what they do: Spire “helps high-impact organizations build transformative learning programmes that enhance how individuals and teams think, act and achieve results.” 
    • Adult Learning Design Fellow
    • Client Manager
    • Communications Strategy Fellow
    • Founding Principal
    • Managing Director
      Spire Schools- Camp Facilitator, Director of Operations, Founding High School Teacher, International Lead Teacher, Learning Designer, Marketing Account Manager, Marketing Fellow, STEM Learning Designer, VP of Marketing
  • Employers engaged in social innovation, and regular posts on working within that sector – follow Amani Institute’s Facebook page – some jobs have more of a global focus, but Amani is based here in Nairobi, has a strong network and regularly places its fellows in internships here, and so their resources are heavily centred on Nairobi.

Amani Institute’s Employer Partners:


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