Jobs: “Framework change leaders” (Ashoka)

Four positions with Ashoka… I don’t really understand exactly what they are looking for, but perhaps you will, if you are a good fit. 🙂

“35 years ago, Ashoka changed the framework of the social sector, by introducing the idea that there is nothing more powerful than a bold, new idea in the hands of an exceptional entrepreneur. We have built a fellowship of leading social entrepreneurs– people who catalyze an irreversible social change through an innovative idea and encourage others to do the same. Our network of Fellows is now over 3000 innovators strong and spans 85 countries. In addition, the field and profession of Social Entrepreneurship has grown into a global force.

“We’re setting out to change the frame again. This time, we want everyone to understand how to succeed and be a force for good in a rapidly changing world. If you are an entrepreneur with a desire to be a part of this historic movement, we want you to join our team.”

For anyone with a good internet connection, here’s their fancy website with more details: Or I pasted the relevant job descriptions below.

What kind of people Ashoka is looking for:

Gamechangers: Bold entreprenuers who have a track record of changing a pattern in an industry

Enablers: Big time players who are ready to design the system to enable others and be a coach to them

Conceptual: Big thinkers who see the change happening around us and are excited by the opportunity to move the world beyond the theory of equal dignity to the reality of equal agency

Collegial: People who are deeply empathetic and seek to be part of a global team of teams

Positions available:

Leadership Group Member for Framework Change (Washington, DC; Nairobi; São Paulo; Bangalore.)

Ashoka is looking for Framechange Leaders for North America, Africa, and South Asia to lead how Ashoka organizes around mindset shifting. Framechange Leaders will grapple with such questions as: How do big ideas catch on broadly across society? What can we learn from our extraordinary network of Ashoka Fellow about establishing new patterns and norms? How can we accelerate toward the Everyone A Changemaker world, prioritizing key skills such as empathy-based ethics, creativity, teamwork, and leadership? Who must also be having this conversation with us and for us?

Candidates will inspire staff to be the most effective coaches of their carefully selected teams and will identify the most impactful opportunities for Ashoka to achieve its goals. In order to do so they must have led a pattern change or mindset shift of their own.

Read more about the role here. Apply here.

Leadership Group Member for Youth Venture (Washington, DC; Nairobi; Bangalore.)

Ashoka is looking for Youth Venture Leaders for North America, Africa, and South Asia to create an irreversible societal shift toward a world where anyone can apply the skills of empathy, leadership, teamwork, and changemaking to solve complex social problems. Each Youth Venture Leader will envision, ensure, and enable teams at Ashoka and within carefully selected partner organizations to cultivate a global ecosystem that values and supports young people to be changemakers.

Click here for a full description. Apply here.

Leadership Group Member for Empathy (Washington, DC; London; Nairobi; Cairo; São Paulo; Bangalore)

Ashoka is seeking a Empathy leaders to create a future in which every parent, educator, and young person understands empathy to be as essential as reading. We are not delivering an empathy skills program; we’re catalyzing a shift in society’s understanding of what children need to succeed and thrive. We therefore need creative entrepreneurs who have an understanding of how to drive national and global change – along with a deep belief in the power of and need for young people to be empathic changemakers.

Click here for a full description.  Apply here.


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