Commission for street artists (Dandora Transformation League)

Calling for proposals from Nairobi street artists:


The illustration we want needs to capture this vision. However, this does not mean taking some photos from New York or Tokyo and trying to convert them to Dandora. Rather, we need to look at the current Dandora, how it is arranged and set up and then envision how it would look like in vision statement described above. We want this same Dandora that we have but with a new and funky feel to it…


Our  proposal is to take one street e.g Muigai Kenyatta Road and then re-do it in the new perspective . This is just one suggestion.

We would like to see:

– clean and well organized streets

– Greenery, flowers, trees and grass

– Pedestrian and bike paths for residents to use

– People feeling safe, happy and free walking or relaxing in open spaces, children playing

– Instead of the ramshackle kiosks spread all over, we want to see funky well designed kiosks but which still allow people like mama Adhis to sell chapoz but in a clean and organized environment

– We want to see youth working

– We want to feel the presence and representation of DTL on the streets

– We want to see how recycled waste from the dumpsite can be used to make our streets look beautiful

– We want to see artistic expressions  the streets floors , or pedestrian paths, or walls with a distinctive feel Dandora feel

– We would like to see a monument that would come to represent Dandora

The above are just ideas. Feel free to add or subtract depending on how your artistic creativity will guide you.

In terms of process.

1. You will present a small size (A3 size) of the type of drawing you will make. This will be your proposal. This needs to be submitted by 5 September to ;

2. This proposal will be evaluated against other proposals and voted on by DTL members and a winning proposal selected;

3. The winning proposal will then be officially commissioned. You will be requested to make a huge life size painting. You will then propose how much money you require to actualize the painting and the time it will take to achieve this.

4. Once approved, you will be paid your deposit and a balance upon completion.

Where a submitted proposal is NOT accepted, the full intellectual property rights shall revert to the original author and  the image shall NOT be used in any manner, either partially or wholly except with the explicit authorization of the original author.

For more info:


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