Job: Performance Manager (Twiga Foods)

Position: Performance Manager

Closing Date: Sept. 1 2015

What do we do:

Twiga is on our way to being Africa’s largest grocer. We’re using mobile-based, cashless, business-to-business (B2B) supply platform to access distribution into the millions of small and medium size vendors in African urban markets. This allows us to drastically lower their daily costs of goods by exploiting latent value in broken, informal, value-chains and wholesale providers.

Nairobi alone has at least 18,000 small and medium size vendors buying $55 a day in stock, our goal is to be their single source of supply. In the coming years will be expanding our platform to five African markets.

[Read further: What we are looking for in a Performance Manager…]

How we do it:

Twiga solves the major flaw in African distribution: information. To get the information rolling down the value chain we’re developing an m-Commerce app for the millions of small vendors in densely populated areas.

A vendor simply logs into the app, generates their order for goods from a fully stocked back-end grocery supply inventory (bananas, pineapples, batteries, light bulbs, toothpaste, etc.), and those goods get delivered to their shop the following morning on credit and for much lower prices than informal markets. When they’re done selling for the day, and ready to place the next day’s order, they mPesa (mobile money) their payment for the previous day’s stock and place the next day’s order.

What it means:

For Small Vendors the Vendor (where 96% of Food and FMCG products are sold)

·       Markedly lower prices on goods

·       Better quality, longer shelf-life products

·       No more 5am trips to wholesale markets, we do directly daily delivery of stock

·       Stock is tied to selling power, instead of cash on hand
due to credit options

·       Reliable supply

·       Loyalty programmes

Twiga is transformative in African food and goods supply by being one of the only entities working in a formal way to add value to the informal market.

What we are looking for in a Performance Manager:


·       Team Building: We’re on a fast roll-out pace. Which means every day has targets, research to get done, and deliverables to meet. Your job is to collate the various teams (tech, production, sales, administration) into a workable process flow to assure the company is out performing our stated targets. Further, we encourage all staff members to meet personal objectives, it your job to be their coach in doing so.

·       Organization: The chief task of the performance manager is to work with each division in concert to assure goal delivery is happening. This means weekly outlining objectives in concert with the CEO and GM, and monitoring achievement of those objectives whilst pin-pointing roadblocks.

·       Structure: We’ll be onboarding people quickly in the next 18 months. So you’ll need to set-up a scalable project and performance management too that allows staff to see daily what their objectives are.

·       Strategy: There are a lot of moving parts in Twiga. Sales expands when we move more volume, but for us to move more volume warehousing and production have to expand first. You’ll be setting up these process flows to make sure the interlinking parts are working together.

·       Communication: You’ll need to aptly communicate Twiga’s progress to the team on a weekly basis. Further, daily, you’ll have to communicate objectives across the company, and weekly work with the management team to outline those objectives.


·       Encourage team in outlining clear, and achievable, objectives

·       Quickly spot potential road blacks and advance them to management

·       Develop a scalable M&E and PM strategy across the company

·       Report daily to the GM and CEO on progress

Basic Skills:

·       5 years+ senior project management experience

·       Previous management experience

·       University Degreed

·       Experience in project management software

·       Full working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Especially Excel)

Personal Qualities:

·       Strong team mentality

·       Flexible personality able to work in informal market setting with vendors

·       Strong analytical skills

·       Organized!


·       Salary to match a high standard of living with Kenya

·       Options and benefits

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