Job: Researcher on civic data (Civicus)


Civicus (DataShift initiative) is looking for a researcher to look at the impact of citizen-generated data initiatives in Kenya and Tanzania.

For the full job description, VISIT THEIR WEBSITE (and find the PDF there). 

Background: Briefing note on what Citizen-Generated Data is, and what the DataShift is doing

This scope of work is projected to include:

  • Use of the data: Has the data been used by policy makers, civil society organisations or other actors – and if so, how?
  • Data quality: Are any levels of verification built into the initiative? How sound is the data, particularly if it comes from multiple sources?
  • Sustainability of the initiative: What is the initiative’s projected lifespan? Is this clearly indicated? Are there plans to maintain the initiative’s online presence after the period of data collection ends?
  • Local context: How is data on the topics that citizen-generated data initiatives address received at the local level: is it considered to be trustworthy?

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