Duma Works: tips & resources

One of the several good resources developed specifically for the Kenyan jobseeker…

Many articles at DumaWorks Blog:

  • How to Pitch Yourself in 1 Minute: To all the new job seekers out there who don’t know how to respond when an employers asks you at an interview: “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” This blog post is for you.
  • How To Get a Job in ___  [series of articles about different fields and roles, with in-depth interviews with people 

And they post their jobs at their blog at various social media pages… https://dumaworks.com/blog/jobs/ and our various social media pages -Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.

More info straight from Duma Works staff:

“Mostly, Duma Works does recruitment for SMEs from all sectors and once in a while for the large corporations. This means we are constantly looking for job seekers with different skills and from diverse backgrounds. Therefore to ensure that a job seeker is matched to the correct job we advise them to fill all the skills they have and jobs that they feel comfortable with and to ensure that their profile is complete i.e. with their desired salary range and availability -Full time, part time, volunteer, internships etc.

Once a job is posted on Duma Works, we fill the required skills in our system which is able to filter out the candidates who have the indicated skills with the candidates who have as many of the skills showing up on the top of the  all listed candidates.”


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