For hardware inventors: Village Capital accelerator

We are excited to announce the launch of our first Hardware accelerator in Africa, in partnership with Gearbox, a unique space for inventors to build and showcase innovative ideas in East Africa. With support from The Lemelson Foundation, The Doen Foundation, SGII, and VC4Africa, Village Capital and Gearbox will be able to provide unique capacity building to these businesses to help these entrepreneurs overcome the challenges unique to inventors in reaching scale.

12 high-potential invention-based ventures selected to participate will receive extensive feedback from their peers, potential customers, investors and industry experts, as well as the opportunity to peer-select two participating ventures to receive $50,000 in pre-committed investment each. The program is typically structured as three intensive 4-day sessions over 3 months, with additional remote collaboration online between sessions

There is no cost to apply and no program fee for chosen enterprises.

We do not take equity up front for participation.

The application deadline is September 7th, but early applicants will receive more attention from our judges.

We would love your help in referring high-potential invention-based ventures for the program! If you have ideas, please feel free to respond to us at and See more details on the program and how you can help us spread the word below – Can’t wait to hear your recommendations!

George & the Vilcap Africa Team

Other ways you can help:

Forward this message!

Innovative early-stage #hardware #africa startup? Apply @villagecapital for investment & support!

Post on Facebook/LinkedIn:
Village Capital is seeking innovative, early-stage invention-based hardware startups from across Africa. The program features $100,000 of pre-committed investment for the top two ventures, selected by their peers. It is also an opportunity to gain extensive peer feedback, connections with potential customers and partners, connections with mentors and exposure to investors. Learn more here:

Who Should Apply?

We are especially interested in inventions that improve access to energy for all, and increase agricultural productivity for small-holder farmers.

Examples include:

· Affordability: inventions that radically increase affordability of energy generation or agricultural products.

· Reduced Consumption: innovations that reduce the cost of consumption for small-holder farmers

· Efficiency: technologies that increase the efficiency of energy and/or agricultural distribution systems.

Apply here!

Program Dates:

Session 1: October 21-24
Session 2: January 6-9
Session 3: February 22-25

Workshops to be held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Are you a part of, or do you know an innovative early-stage venture? Apply now or refer a great entrepreneur for one of Village Capital’s programs!  

                   Village Capital Hardware: Africa 2015


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