Innovations journal seeking stories (video)

Innovations journal searching for stories to produce while in East Africa, July 15 – Aug 3.

As you may know, Innovations journal has been publishing – for 10-years now – narratives on the topic of entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges. This year, the journal is launching Innovations Stories, a digital storytelling platform that will publish multimedia narratives featuring people who are leading ground-up innovations in their communities around the world.

In July and August, the co-founders and a team of digital storytellers from Innovations Stories will travel to East Africa (primarily in Nairobi, plus Kigali and rural Uganda) for 3-weeks to produce stories of young people who are solving societal, economic, and environmental problems through ingenuity and innovation.

Looking for good stories…

We are trying to identify and contact as many good candidates as possible to identify the best stories before we arrive. The “best” stories would likely include all or some of the following elements:

  • a clear problem that the person has identified in society (often the problem is experienced first-hand by the innovator)
  • an innovative solution (“innovative” does not necessarily equate to technology or startup)
  • an engaging personal story (e.g. overcoming perseverance)
  • a willingness and ability to share and communicate their story to us

If there is anyone who comes to mind who you believe we should talk to, please let us know by replying to this message with their name and any relevant info for us (in a short description or a link).

Please let us know how we can return the favor – we would be happy to thank you in our credits and we are open to collaborative ideas in how we use the film, photos, and stories that we produce.


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