Informal work experience? Try Kama Kazi for extra support

Kama Kazi offers various resources online for free for jobseekers, including direct recruitment to get you placed and hired with an employer.

Online resources are free, including applying to jobs. Personalised service is available for a pretty small fee. But also there are LOTS of tips and resource articles available through them, too.

  • Training resources, CV template, tips and best practices, how to interview well, and more

If you have relatively little formal job experience, you can hire a professional Kama Kazi recruiter for one hour of intensive training and work with your CV. It’s personal consulting for a quite reasonable fee – they are experienced and professional, and the services seems worth the investment if you really want to hone yourself or your CV as a candidate. It’s 2000 KES for one hour, and it can focus on the CV and application process, or the presentation and interview process.

Here are some tips directly from Kama Kazi recruiters, which they cover more in-depth if you choose to seek employment through them:

  • Be attentive all the time. Make a good impression with the receptionist. Give a professional handshake. Sit properly. Don’t slouch over in the waiting area typing on your phone.
  • On your CV and in interviews, know your background well. Be detailed about your work experience. List all of your key responsibilities. (But be concise and direct: your CV should never be over two pages.)
  • On your CV, describe not only your formal job experience but also awards or other honours, any certificates, and substantive volunteer experience. If you stopped education early, for a good reason, then you can explain that.
  • Make sure you have professional references – not personal. Of course your sister / godmother / friend is going to say nice things about you. Recruiters and employers want to hear from someone who can speak to your performance and your employability.
  • To list a reference from your current job, find someone within your current company whom you can ask to be a reference, who knows your work but whom you can tell in confidence that you are seeking other employment.

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