SPRING Business Accelerator focused on adolescent girls

SPRING Business Accelerator www.springaccelerator.org
Applications by 16 March 2015. (And future years.)
Eligibility criteria at website & below!


Read an intro email and eligibility criteria below….

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Muthuri <muthuri@thegrowthhub.com>Date: Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 12:30 PMSubject: [HacksHackers NBO] Call for Applications: SPRING Business Accelerator.To: hackshackers-nairobi@googlegroups.com

Greetings! My name is Muthuri Kinyamu from GrowthAfrica, we run cohort based business incubation and acceleration programming for local start-ups focused on creating a  positive impact beyond just profit. We – GrowthAfrica are local partners in the SPRING consortium sponsored by DFID, USAID and NIKE Foundation to stimulate a new value chain of innovative and life-enhancing products that address the economic needs of girl. 

The main aim of SPRING is to accelerate economic empowerment for girls aged 10-19 years, through the delivery of technical and financial support to early stage enterprises developing innovative products and services that enable girls to learn, save, invest and stay safe.  SPRING’s business accelerator provides financial planning, world-class mentors, and leading experts in business growth, design, and marketing and a variable grant funding of an average of USD $80,000 per business to support growth and scale.I am reaching out to you as a potential entrepreneur and for your help in spreading the word around SPRING to other entrepreneurs and partners who would be interested in the opportunity.  

The call for applications is OPEN here and we are now looking for businesses in Kenya that would benefit from the ability to prototype and enhance products and business models, to be even more successful in reaching girls.We will also be hosting information sharing sessions across cities in Kenya to articulate the key issues that girls face and create awareness on the SPRING initiative and present opportunities for engagement with different stakeholders.

For more information, feel free to reach out to Patricia Jumi, country manager, SPRING – Kenya through (patricia@springaccelerator.org) or the local consortium partner, GrowthAfrica.

Stay connected with SPRING on Facebook , Twitter and follow us @GrowthHubAfrica to get regular updates and please help us spread the word to entrepreneurs in your network.

Thank you for reading!Best Regards Muthuri Kinyamu Social Media & PR Coordinator 5th Floor, Lenana Towers, Lenana Road P.O. Box 17726 – 00100 GPO, NairobiM: + 254 (0) 724 215977 
muthuri@thegrowthhub.com www.growthafrica.com  www.thegrowthhub.com  


Applicants to SPRING are required to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Be a legal, registered enterprise able to demonstrate a minimum of one year of revenue-generating operations.
  2. Be able to demonstrate current operations or plans to secure representation in Kenya, Uganda and/or Rwanda by June 2015.
  3. The business’s product or service will increase adolescent girls’ ability to do one or more of the following:
  4. The business’s product or service must be a physical, digital or financial asset that targets or benefits girls.
  5. Agree to all legal terms and conditions of the SPRING Business Accelerator.
  6. Submit an application form with all required fields completed through the SPRING website.
  7. Be willing to provide material and references in support of your application should they be requested by DFID, Nike Foundation or USAID or its partners in operating the SPRING Business Accelerator.
  8. If selected to join the SPRING Business Accelerator, the CEO is to commit to participating in the accelerator and implementing strategies that will grow and scale your business to increase your influence and impact on the lives of girls.
  9. If selected to join the SPRING Business Accelerator, agree to work with SPRING and its partners to utilise the suite of financial and business support in order to develop and implement your tailored business strategy and access the platform of services to support strategy implementation.
  10. If selected to join the SPRING Business Accelerator, agree to actively participate as a member of and contribute knowledge to the SPRING network.
  11. If selected to receive grant funding, agree to use the financial resources in accordance with the suite of support, as determined in conjunction with SPRING partners.
  12. If selected to join the SPRING Business Accelerator, commit to be available for contact and to provide key performance indicators to SPRING during the Accelerator and for up to three years after completion of your time in the Accelerator, supported by the SPRING Monitoring & Evaluation team.
  13. Complete the application form and submit it on the website before the deadline of 16 March 2015 by 23:59:59 GMT. No entries will be accepted after this time.
  14. Businesses must not produce or distribute goods or services that are not supported by DFID’s aid programmes such as military equipment, luxury goods, alcohol or tobacco.
  15. The SPRING programme and all partners and ventures that participate in the programme will comply with all legal requirements and child protection policies of governments and the ILO in all participating countries.
  16. Businesses owned or controlled by employees of SPRING, its sponsors, contributors or partners, or any of their affiliates, as well as the immediate family (spouse parents, siblings, and children) and household members of such employees, are not eligible.
  • Generate income
  • Save time or labour, giving girls more time to study or secure employment
  • Save and invest their earnings and assets
  • Feel safe and secure

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